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Caring For Your Motorola SHN5683 Battery

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Even though, many mobile phone manufacturers are introducing great models every now and then due to the great interest shown by people towards mobile phones, only a few of them are able to capture the market and earn good name. One such company that has gained a name in mobile phone market of some nations is Motorola. This company has produced many models of phones and due to their long-term presence in the market and due to the fact that they have sold out many of their devices, the batteries for the phones produced by this company is in demand among the users. This does not mean that their battery does not last longer. As most of us know, batteries generally last only for a few years and this also depends on the way in which they are handled as well.

If you are looking for Motorola SHN5683 battery, there are reliable stores dealing with this model and they are selling this product online as well. Some of the tips given by the manufacturers for taking effective care of this particular model are given below:

As soon as you get the new battery, replace the old one and just charge the device overnight. Motorola suggests that the Nickel Cadmium or Metal Hydride variants should be charged for 14-16 hours before initial use. When it comes to Lithium ion variants, they must be charged for one or two additional hours after the battery full message has arrived. Here, Motorola SHN5683 battery falls under the category of Lithium ion and so it would be wise to charge it accordingly for ensuring its longevity.

It would be wise to store the device in a dry and well-ventilated location so that it can last for a longer number of years.

Once you have started using the device, do not charge the device after the charging light has turned green. This means that once it is completely charged, do not leave it on the electrical socket for several hours as it can reduce the life of the battery.

When there is a short of charge after you have been sitting in an air-conditioned room, it would be wise not to charge the device immediately and do this only when the device has come to the room temperature.

In addition to following the above-mentioned tips, it would be wise to ensure that you select the right store dealing with quality and original mobile phone accessories straight from the manufacturers themselves.


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