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RDAP Sentence Reduction | Your ‘Get Out Of Jail Fast’ Card

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The RDAP sentence reduction option is one that you need to consider applying to if you are going to jail for drug abuse or drug related offences. In most cases, drug offences are considered non-violent. In the light of this, most of the guilty parties that find themselves on the wrong side of the law have an option that could help them find some reprieve in their sentencing. That option is this sentence reduction program.

The RDAP sentence reduction alternative is a Bureau of Prisons program that is designed to help a drug offender cut time in jail, at the same time helping him/herimprove their lives. Basically, this program is one way of ensuring that you go through jail fast and without too much of a problem. The 500 hour RDAP (Residential Drug Abuse Program) works at ensuring that you either get a 12 month sentence reduction. Alternatively, if you are eligible to be enlisted on the program, you could get six month halfway house custody. This basically would mean better terms and conditions even as you are incarcerated.

The thing is most law professionals are never willing to mention this reprieve option to you- the client. Some lawyers do not even know the RDAP sentence reduction option exists. As such, you may find yourself spending time you were not supposed to in jail. However, the good thing is that you could join the RDAP program; but only if you are fast to act on the opportunity; and acting by finding a good sentence reduction consulting group to handle your sentence reduction bid.

Why you need to act to get on the RDAP sentence reduction program


Basically, the RDAP sentence reduction program has limited slots. As such, to ensure that you are on it in time, you will need to ensure that you hire a good professional consulting company to handle your case. However it is essential that you get in touch with one fast before it is too late. This way, you give your consultant the chance to investigate and build a case that will aid you in clinching a slot on the program.

To make the best of bid on getting on the RDAP Sentence Reduction  program, you need an organization that you can rely on to make things happen. Jail Time Consulting is one of the best prison sentences consultants in the country. We could help you save your loved one or yourself from spending too much unwarranted time in jail. Contact us today for working RDAP sentence reduction solutions. Why wait any longer when you could get out of jail fast.

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RDAP Sentence Reduction -Jail Time Consulting has programs and techniques to properly position our clients for eligibility and acceptance into various BOP programs including the 500-Hour Residential Drug Abuse Program, the Second Chance Act Program, the Compassionate Release Program and the Commutation of Sentence Program. These programs have the potential to dramatically reduce the length of actual time served by our clients