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Football Pick Sports Predictions from a Trusted Sports Handi

by Payneinsider

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The 2011 College and NFL Football seasons are in site! Can you smell it? That’s the fresh scent of greenbacks in the air with your name on them. Trusted and respected Sports Advisor PayneInsider is looking to help you snatch those profits out of thin air. In search of a 10th consecutive winning Football season, Payne is one of the very best Sports Prediction analysts when it comes to Football Picks.

It’s no secret, this Football Picks expert has built the foundation of his company that started nearly a decade ago around a dedication to excellence. Since that time his Football Picks have been leading the Sports Betting industry. He’s withstood the test of time, and his resume speaks for itself. Inside information, hard work, dedication, consistency, respect, and top notch customer service sets PayneInsider apart from the rest. Spending 12-18 hours daily during Football season researching, gathering information, and using an endless list of contacts to acquire the most pertinent advantages give Payne’s clients the greatest chance for success each and every time they place a wager.

Even though regular season Football doesn’t start until September, PayneInsider has been working to gather Football Pick information for months now. Being first to the draw is the only way this professional Sports Handicapper operates. He sent out his team to Las Vegas the first week of June to get down on College Football Game of the Year lines. Payne’s team laid down cash on numerous games, some that won’t have their fate decided for months. Payne looks at these wagers no different than other types of investments you maybe more familiar with. You can shove money in your savings account for 12 months and watch it accrue minimal interest during these economic struggles, or you can potentially earn close to 100% profits on a single bet that will take far less time. This trusted Sports Betting prognosticator depicts savings accounts as being similar to your wife. They hoard your hard earned funds for long durations, with a slight chance of return.

This week, Payne sent his boys back out west to his beloved MGM Grand Casino to get down on NFL win totals. Every year, Las Vegas assigns a win total to each and every team in the NFL. You can then bet whether a team wins OVER the amount assigned to them, or UNDER. One of Payne’s largest Football Pick win totals for 2011 was placed on the Cincinnati Bengals UNDER 7 wins. After gathering information, Payne claims this was one of the easiest Sports Prediction win totals he’s had to handicap regarding win totals, ever! Getting down on this wager before mainstream media broke all the free agency news was important for Payne. Knowing Cincinnati had a bevy of key free agents this off season, he knew the important ones wanted out! They weren’t willing to re-sign and play for crazy owner, Mike Brown and his dysfunctional organization any longer. This type of Sports Betting information isn’t easily accessible but, is the type of winning information Sports Handicapper PayneInsider offers on a daily basis to its long list of clients who want to win consistently!

There are 7 Football Pick team win totals that Payne made between the NFL and College Football within the last week. Lines are moving fast, and I would encourage you to contact this trusted and respected Sports Advisor if you’re looking to make money betting Football in 2011.

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