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The Power of a Touch at bankcard system

by anonymous

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The powerful Touch Screen POS System is changing the way merchants conduct business. It provides swift service at the touch of a button. Therefore, it allows users to quickly reduce service times so that customers won’t have to wait in long lines. This feature comes in handy especially during peak hours when a business has more customers than usual. Employees can take a customer’s order in seconds as opposed to the traditional method of writing down an order. Before customers can become impatient or walk out the door because service is taking forever, they have already received and paid for their purchase or they just need to wait for it to be prepared.

It is also very simple to use. Product items have pictures and are clearly labeled. Employees don’t have to sit in an hour long training to learn how to use it nor do they have to become rocket scientists to figure out how to use it. Some companies especially those in the restaurant industry even allow their customers to use touch screen systems for ordering sandwiches and other types of meals. Since anyone can learn how to use it with ease, he or she won’t ever need an instruction manual or a textbook. This system can even be tailored to fit business needs and is industry specific. Not only can it be tailored to fit the restaurant industry but it can also be tailored to fit these other industries: retail, c-store, sprits, and QSR Delivery.      

A device like this one also helps owners run their businesses. A few of its features include: the ability to track inventory and monitor available stock, the ability to track employee hours using an internal time clock, the ability to accept cash, checks, credit and debit cards and the ability to monitor financials. This device has many more capabilities that can help merchants run a successfully business.    

Installation professionals are certified and experienced and make sure the equipment is installed correctly the first time. If there is a problem later, 24/7 in house support as well as a 24/7 remote support team can correct or repair software issues any time of the day and any day of the week.  Don’t delay. Bank Card Systems (BCS) can offer a free system today. Along with that system, BCS also offers its merchants 50 free customized gift cards.

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