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Treatment of Autism and Brain Injury

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Doctors and researchers are yet to indentify the reason that causes some children to born with Autism. However, a common theory is that it is caused by the presence of certain element in one’s gene. It can’t be substantiated through since in many cases a child with autism has no history of the disease in his family. In medical terms, Autism or autism Spectrum Disorder (ADS) is a common form of brain disorder that affects normal growth and intelligence in a child. The child with autism doesn’t build up proper social skills and may have difficulties in contenting themselves with the surrounding. They may also develop certain other impairments such as – locomotive, speech, learning etc. They may suffer from abnormalities in muscle formation along with subnormal intelligence, erratic sleep pattern, gastronomical problems, seizures, immune dysfunction etc.

Another very dangerous condition that can affect the human body as well as mind is the brain injury. Brain injuries can vary from mild to serious, depending on the type and severity of the accident. However, there is potential danger and threat to a person’s well being in all kinds of brain injuries, irrespective of the severity of the accident. There are a number of preferred treatments for brain injury as well. The most basic step involved in recovery from a brain injury is to seek medical first aid. One must make sure that the patient is getting a proper supply of oxygen as well as blood. The person should be rushed to the Intensive Care Unit (ICU) of the nearest hospital and anti- seizure drugs can be used to prevent his/ her condition from worsening further. In case the injury is serious, there may be need for surgery as well. Surgery will be carried out in order to remove any clots from the brain, to repair fractured skull or to open a window in the skull of the patient.

People of Autism Spectrum Disorder or multiple form of autism may develop multiple dysfunctions and therefore, would require special care.  Therapies for autism are aimed to help the child grow self-dependency and esteem. The most common forms of therapies offered to autistic children are as follows:

• Occupational Therapy

• Speech Therapy

• Structured Teaching

• Applied Behaviour Analysis or ABA Therapy

• Social Skills Development Therapy

• Speech and Language Therapy

• Hippo therapy (Occupational Therapy through horseback riding to help children with sensory processing disorder)

• GFCF Diet

• Psychiatric or Psychotherapy Sessions

 Apart from the above mentioned therapies as well as methods, normal education, swimming, physical training, vision therapy and aqua therapy are all active parts of the Treatment of Autism.  Normally, a team of therapists will be assigned to conduct and supervise the treatment process of the child. Early diagnosis can help in achieving greater success. If you find some erratic conduct in your child seek immediate medical intervention. Apart from professional therapists an autistic child also needs compassionate parenting. It is important to understand the special requirements of your special child to encourage him live a normal life. Proper affection and care are no doubt the best medicines for people suffering from this medical condition.

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