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Why You Should Choose Linux Web Hosting

Most of us know that Linux is fast becoming the preferred choice for web hosting because of many reasons such as the stability it provides as well as the cost effectiveness. One of the most important things about Linux web hosting is that it is quite secured and less vulnerable to many of the security threats which are faced by other operating systems. Let us now go through some of the main benefits of choosing Linux hosting over other hosting options.

Linux Hosting - Benefits

Some of the main benefits of Linux hosting which makes it the preferred choice for hosting in Dubai are:

  1. One of the main benefits of Linux hosting is that there is excellent technical support available which users can easily make use of in correcting the technical problems they face.
  2. Linux hosting allows users to utilize higher bandwidth and customizing the system is also quite simple. The backup system is also quite strong ensuring there are absolutely minimal data losses.
  3. It is also possible to simultaneously use other OS together with the Linux system while the central server’s main features and functionality are used by Linux. The compatibility Linux has with other operating systems makes such concurrent hosting possible and is also one of the reasons why Linux is becoming a popular choice when it comes to hosting services.
  4. Linux is cheaper compared to other hosting options and is one of the reasons businesses are choosing Linux over other options. There is no need to buy a license as is required in other hosting choices such as Windows hosting. The applications used on Linux are also free which makes the OS a cheaper hosting alternative.
  5. The other good thing about this type of hosting is that uptime of servers is very good and reboots are required at an interval of several months. From a user point of view it means that their websites go offline less often and business operations are less effected. In most of other systems rebooting the system is necessary after installation of any type of software but this is not required in case of Linux hosting.

How to improve Linux hosting performance?

In case you are looking to improve server performance of your Linux dedicated hosting then there are many options available. One of them is disabling the control panel. The control panels like CPanel and Plesk are popular nowadays but they use a lot more resources and disabling them can give you significant performance increase. In case they are required in future then you can re-enable them by using PHP scripts.

Available Choices in OS

The advantage with Linux web hosting is the availability of different operating systems such as Debian, CenOS and many others. All the operating systems provide excellent hardware features such as bandwidth of as much as 3,000 GB, core processor (dual), hard disk space of 320 GB and RAM of 2 GB. In Linux web hosting it is also possible to control compatibility of domains and different policies for accessing the system through the CPanel.

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