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How to choose a wall color for your room?

by mike460

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Choosing a wall decorative paint color for your room requires a lot of brain storming. It just doesn’t end with the color you like the most. The color to be used should which must suit the room and adds elegance to it. In this article we will list down a few ways by which you will able to choose the right color for your room,

Room type: A room type is a huge factor before deciding decorative paint color for the wall. Every room has its importance and necessities; so the color you are choosing must fulfill both the requirements. Places like bedroom or rest room are for relaxation. Color normally preferred in these rooms must be those which soothes and helps you in distressing. A kitchen is a place where light is required a lot so choose a decorative paint color that will help in brightening up the room. Your Study room is an area that requires a lot of concentration. So avoid using colors which will distract you from your work. The living room is supposedly to be the face of your home and you would decorate that with the best things. So, decorative paint color with faux finishes will be the best option for the living area.

Size of the room: Size of the room plays an important part in selecting the wall decorative paint color. The wall color can make a small room look bigger and a big room look smaller. A big room allows you to play with lots of mix and matches. It even gives the liberty to use several painting options combining various techniques. A smaller room on the other hand restricts you as far as using the colors are concerned. Normally darker shades are avoided in such rooms.

Theme: The color of decorative paint must go along with the theme of your room. For example, for an aqua theme one can go for various blued shades in combination of silver and green to enhance the look; a Barbie theme will require pink shades with cartoon stickers on them; a room inspired with nature beauty can use multiple colors keeping green and brown more.

Room Furniture: Room Furniture is an essential factor in deciding color of your wall. Color of room furniture should be in contrast with the wall color so that the overall effect of them should add beautification to the room’s view. For example if you are choosing dark mat/glossy finish furnitures then you could go with lighter color wall shades such as pastel colors or vice versa.

In addition if you want the high-end design on a budget, try faux finishes on your walls. Besides giving your home an updated style, faux finishes add color and depth to rooms. Although every faux finishing project you tackle will be different, choosing the appropriate colors will always need to be one of your first design choices. Whichever room you're redecorating, your choice of colors will need to take in a wide variety of criteria.

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