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Are there nice budget Hotels near meenakshi temple Madurai ?

by jyotimgh

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Tamil Nadu (a state in India) is a southernmost state of the Indian subcontinent. Total population of the state is 72 million and Tamil is the local language. The state has some amazing cities which have unique architecture and an adventurous story. Previously known as Madras, Chennai is the capital of the state. In 1639, Chennai came on the world map by the British men, who came to India to set up their business. The term Chennai was first used in a sale deed by the east India company, but as the city became a colony of the Britain, Chennai got a new name, Madras. In 1996, after five decades of Indian independence, Indian government changed the name of the city Madras to Chennai. Today Chennai is one of the top four metropolitan city of India and has a mixture of cultural & tradition and a strong IT (information technology) industry. The city is full with shopping centres, hotels, resorts and one can find almost any luxury item. The city has a coastal length of almost 19 km and the Marina beach is a famous destination for the travelers.

Madurai which means sweetness is a famous tourist destination of the Tamil state. Madurai is also known as the Athens of the east. As both cities is famous for their huge architectural work. Madurai is build around the Meenakshi Temple (famous temple), which is the center of attraction for the tourists and it is quit easy to find hotels near meenakshi temple. Madurai is also the known as the cultural capital of the Tamil state as one also visits Madurai to understand the deeper meaning of the Tamil language. Madurai is famous for its Hindu temples but the city also has a very famous Mosque (The big mosque) and the St. Mary's Cathedral which is the seat of the Roman Catholic Archbishop of Madurai. The place has n number of list of budget htels in Madurai.

Coimbatore is the 2nd largest metropolitan city in the state. First one is Chennai. The city has everything which makes it a contender of being the top 3 cities of the state. IT Park, shopping malls and a racing track are some of the prominent crowded areas. Coimbatore is also famous for the bakery item, which has British influence. The city has a long tradition of jewelry making and one can even find in the history books that traveler from Greece use to come to Coimbatore for gold ornaments.

One thing which is common is all the cities are the mixture of Hinduism and British colonial. Though all the Tamil cities have their unique food items but the bakery food is a fine example which has a British legacy on it. But the best way to understand all of this is to visit them all.

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