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All About Your Car and Getting an Oil Change in San Diego

by graciajessup

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There are different types of oils in the world. There's olive oil for cooking, baby oil for infant skin, massage oil for relieving tension, and then there's motor oil. Practically everyone knows what motor oil is and its importance to all kinds of vehicles. However, not all understand what it's for and why it needs to be changed regularly.


With all the lovely beaches in this city, San Diego residents may be more familiar with tanning oil than they are with motor oil, but it's easy enough to remedy that. Here are a few points on car oil and the basics of oil change in San Diego


What does oil do?


Oil basically keeps a car in good condition. Primarily, it is used to lubricate moving parts so they run smoothly and do not produce too much heat to enable the car to run efficiently. Oil also cleans, and in doing so prevents rust and corrosion in parts that are exposed to the elements.


Why should you get an oil change?


Getting an oil change as part of car service in San Diego is important because dirty oil can cause damage to the internal components of your car. When dirt accumulates in the oil, the latter becomes abrasive and causes unnecessary friction and wear—which are what it's supposed to prevent in the first place; it will clog filters, too. Simply put, having dirty oil results to higher chances of engine failure thus a regular oil change is definitely crucial. 


When should you change your oil?


Contrary to popular belief, there isn't a specific period to have an oil change, at least not one that applies universally. For this, it is better to go back to your car manual, rely on oil life monitors, or go to the mechanic and have your oil levels checked. If you've already gone years and thousands of miles without an oil change, then it's probably time to have another one.


Motor oil doesn't exactly work the same way as cooking oil or tanning oil, but it does have its own very crucial purpose so make sure there's enough of it and in good quality. For more information, go to

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