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Lap band surgery for permanent weight loss

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The size of obese population around the world is steadily rising.  Changes in food habit and lifestyle are the two main reasons responsible for the steady rise of overweight individuals in the population. However, along with, popularity of surgical cure for weight loss is also on a rise. 

Today, bariatric surgeons are performing a variety of weigh loss operations both for medical and cosmetic reasons. Lap band surgery is a popular form of bariatric surgery that involves attaching an adjustable band around the patient’s stomach to create a smaller segment or pouch to hold food. It reduces the size of the actual stomach so that it can hold less amount of food.

It reduces one’s curbing for food and helps the patient lose weight. Unlike other popular bariatric surgery it doesn’t involve removing a part of the stomach and as a result, the patient faces fewer post surgery complications. Most surgeons prefer lap banding surgery over the other available forms because of its advantages.

Laparoscopic gastric banding is performed through keyhole surgery method, which involves five to six smaller incisions on the patient’s body to perform the surgery. Availability of micro chip TV camera has made the surgery absolutely risk free. Today, it’s the most popular method used in a variety of surgeries, including, bariatric surgery.

During the surgery a silicon band is placed around the stomach of the patient. The band is not initially inflated. Only after the patient recovers completely from the surgery the doctor tightens the band around the stomach to create the pouch. 

The surgical process is reversible, i.e. the band can be removed in the future to allow the stomach return to its normal size. It is one of the reasons of its popularity. Unlike, Sleeve Gastrectomy it doesn’t involve surgical removal of a portion of one’s stomach. 

Recovering after lap band surgery

Right after the surgery the patient may experience some discomfort and nausea as it would take some time to adjust to the alien insertion in the body. Doctors often prescribe pain medicines to ease the soreness after the surgery.

Lap band surgery may require you to make adjustments with your food habit as you are likely to feel full with very small quantity of food. A proper dietician course is recommended after the surgery.  Side by side, you may also be given vitamin and nutrient supplements to help your body stay healthy.

The weight loss process with Lap Band Surgery is slow but gradual. You will lose weight over a longer period of time. Some people even experienced weight loss even after three years of surgery.

Bariatric surgeries are often performed to deal with excess weight and health conditions related to it. Lap band surgery also helps improving health conditions resulting from obesity.


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