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ASP Dot Net - The Forthcoming Technological Revolution

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A gradual increase is noted in the number of local and small businesses going online. With more and more businesses having a virtual presence, it has become essential for developers to explore fresh ideas to make their clients’ websites or web applications unique. Some developers explore innovative ways to boost the user experience, whereas others rely on the web application development frameworks make their websites powerful and popular. In comparison to conventional web application development frameworks, ASP.Net is popular among programmers across the world due to its powerful yet easy-to-use features and functionalities. application development, hire developers, .net development servicesMicrosoft further upgrades ASP.Net regularly with advanced features to meet the latest trends in web development. The version 4.5 of the web development framework comes with a set of features that make it easier for programmers to build dynamic and interactive application that run on the internet. At the same time, a developer can use Microsoft Visual Studio 2013 to create the application without writing longer lines of code. Along with simplifying the web application development process, the latest version of technology also prepares programmers for the upcoming technological revolution.

Key ASP.Net Features to Meet the Latest Web Development Trends

1. Support for HTML5 WebSockets: The user experience of a web application hugely depends on the smooth communication between the web server and the client. Often programmers have to explore options to facilitate duplex or two-way communication between the web server and the client browser. HTML5 WebSocket is used widely as a protocol to perform such duplex communication. The upgraded versions of ASP.Net and IIS support the WebSocket protocol. However, the WebSocket protocol must be enabled in IIS 8.0 before using the features in application. Once the protocol is enabled in IIS, the programmer can initiate the client-server communication using IsWebSocketRequest property and AcceptWebSocketRequest() method.

2. Option to Bundle and Minify Files: Often users turn away from web applications that are slow. So web application developers look for efficient ways to control the number of requests sent to the server from the web browser, and the time required by the server to respond to each user request. ASP.Net 4.5 comes with a fresh feature that makes it easier for programmers to bundle and minify files neatly. The bundling and minifcation of CSS and JavaScript files will further contribute towards making the website perform faster. But a developer has to specify the URLs to the CSS and JavaScript files to avail this feature. Also, he has to follow specific naming conventions to bundle all these files from a folder, and serve these as a single request. The Bundle class and IBundleTransform interface can be used to customize the process of bundling these files and scripts.

3. Revamped Web Forms: Before the release of the updated version of ASP.Net, many programmers were skeptical about using Web Forms on their applications. Microsoft has integrated the MVC design with Web Forms to make it easier for developers to separate business logic and design. With the model binding feature, a programmer can bind a specific value in the client application to a model on the web server. The binding will further make validation on the server more efficient. In ASP.Net 4.5, a developer also has options to add ModelType property to the data controls. The new property enables him to specify the type of object that will be bound to the control. At the same time, the query can also be manipulated through the IQueryable object to avail designing features like sorting and paging. Also, the upgraded version of ASP.Net supports HTML5.

4. Creating Asynchronous HTTP Handlers: In comparison to traditional HTTP handlers, asynchronous HTTP handlers are more effective in supporting asynchronous processing of user requests. The older versions of the application development framework allowed you to create HTTP handlers. But ASP.Net 4.5 makes it easier for you to create asynchronous HTTP handlers. You also have option to use async/await keywords and Tasks to boost the overall performance of your web application. You can use the IHttpAsyncHandler interface to create the handlers. But the interface requires you to write BeginProcessRequest() and EndProcessRequest() methods to avail the advantages of asynchronous HTTP handlers.

Microsoft has further enhanced the efficiency of ASP.Net by providing robust support to a variety of open source technologies. A developer now has option to build robust web applications using JavaScript and HTML5. The combination of Microsoft .Net framework and other widely used open source technologies will prepare ASP.Net for the forthcoming technological revolution.

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