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Breathe in Purer Air with PennBarry Broan and Chelsea Fans

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Most homes today are protected from varying weather temperatures through standard HVAC fixtures such as furnaces and air conditioners. However, the use of these systems requires the home's windows and vents to be closed most of the time, thus restricting the free circulation of air to and from the house. This can lead to the formation of health-threatening pollutants such as mold and mildew.

Recognizing this, the Environmental Protection Agency and various state governments have joined forces to encourage—and in some states, require—the installation of mechanical ventilation systems in homes. These ventilation systems make use of exhaust fans to carry stale air out of houses and bring in fresh air from the outside. Makers of reputable exhaust fan brands, including Broan, PennBarry, and the widely-preferred Chelsea fans, offer several models to cater to consumers' varying needs and preferences.

Standard Exhaust Fans

Standard exhaust fans are either mounted on walls or ceilings. Ceiling exhaust fans carry out stale air from inside the house upward through the roof, using a duct. Wall-mounted exhaust fans eschew ducts and instead provide a direct outward passage for stale indoor air.

Inline Exhaust Fans

Quality inline exhaust fans function the same way as standard exhaust fans, but are installed in between ducts where air passes from the house into the fan, then out through the roof. They are ideal for areas where the height or the construction of the ceiling is not appropriate for a ceiling exhaust fan installation. Some people may also prefer an inline exhaust fan for aesthetic reasons.

Choosing the Right Exhaust Fans

The room or the area of the house where you plan to install an exhaust fan will determine the kind of fan you will need. Bigger fans are capable of delivering more Air Changes per Hour (ACH); areas where moisture and mold usually accumulate, like the kitchen and the bathroom, require more ACH. Bigger rooms also need bigger exhaust fans to provide adequate ACH.

The amount of noise generated by an exhaust fan is also something that has to be considered. States which require mechanical ventilation in homes have set up exhaust fan noise restrictions. Visit for more information about inline and standard exhaust fans.

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