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A good recording studio is an absolute must.

by AlexBlaway83

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If you write songs at home on a computer and you've reached the stage where it's time to lay down some serious tracks in the studio then it really does pay to find a high quality recording studio that is equipped with the best outboard equipment along with enthusiastic and highly experienced personnel who can offer professional advice and practical assistance at every stage of the professional recording process.

Perhaps you have been commissioned to create the music for a documentary series on a national television channel, or you have written a bunch of tracks that you are going to send off to a number of labels with a view to getting a publishing deal. By hiring a professional recording studio for a few days, you will be able to ensure that your work is recorded to the highest of standards so that your client or potential publishing company will be suitably impressed by the quality of results you are able to deliver. Some of the most important things to consider when it comes to capturing a band performance or a solo musician/vocalist is the actual sound of the room and the different types of microphones that you are going to use to track your instruments. In terms of vocals, different voices are better suited to different microphones and a skilled audio engineer working at a professional recording studio will have years of experience working with the diverse choice of equipment that he has available in his arsenal which can save you an enormous amount of time and effort whilst dramatically improving the end quality of results. If you record vocals at home you will usually have a single microphone that has been designed to provide decent results for home studio use. However, a professional studio will have a huge choice of dynamic equipment and condenser microphones available which you can easily try out there and then in order to find the best sounding unit for an individual performance. Knowing where to position the microphones is also a skill that many home recording experts are unsure of.

For example, if you are recording an electric guitar part and you like the particular sound of a specific amplifier and the way it sounds in the room, then a qualified recording engineer at a decent studio will know exactly where to place the microphones in relation to the amp so that you get a clean and powerful, phase correlated sound that sits in the mix beautifully without the need for excessive use of compression and EQ. Another advantage that recording studios have over ?in-the-box? Recording solutions is that they have normally accumulated a wealth of outboard gear and effects which sound so much better than their digital plug-in counterparts.

If you frequent the various online recording forums where people talk about the latest studio equipment, you will no doubt have come across the endless pages of arguments claiming that analogue equipment has a certain character and warmth that mathematically coded algorithms are simply incapable of matching or reproducing. In fact, there are many artists who record strictly inside a DAW environment up until the final stages of the mix where they then decide to put the entire stereo mix output through a console simply to record it back into the DAW to capture that so called ?analogue magic? that they claim is missing. Of course, if you walk into a modern recording studio you should not be surprised to find that the main console is more than likely linked to a computer anyway as there are very few studios still use analogue tape. You will usually find that the mixing desk is connected to a Pro Tools rig that features the latest plugins and a lot of the same software that you use at home depending on your budget



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