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Final Fantasy XIV Department of Occupational blacksmith

by austinwalker6991

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<p style="text-align: justify;">Lately, we give players rough description of the Final Fantasy XIV in the first five rows Craftsman career. And today we are happy enough to give players a break for three professional agencies goldsmiths, armor maker and carpenter, they are watching together.<br /><br />First of all I want to say that the goldsmith, that you know the names of some of them from the point of view, is a small shiny object to build people. They are the best materials of gold, silver, platinum, diamonds and other rare metals and precious stones, goldsmiths use these materials for the noble adventurers, and the influx of people into the game to create a variety of beautiful jewelry. You can make necklace, ring and earrings can enhance character attributes.<br /><br />But the only drawback is that a career in investment risk. After all, as a social reality that has to rely on high-quality material to eat the crew is very sensitive to variations in the material. The game is the price of these materials in a day, but when the jeweler "high risk = high return" This sentence is to be sure to keep in mind. In the early days you could put a lot of gold, they rarely go back, but the continuous improvement of your skills and you can even change the mining machine of my gems. So, since it is possible to continuously accumulate riches in it. In these professional skills, there is no relevant information.<br /><br />Carpenter crafting armor, but it is located directly on the quality of players and life related. This hand-forged hammer champion play their best understanding of metallurgy, to use a safe and reliable breastplate and chain mail for the fight in the front line players to build. In general, a blacksmith who build armor, but we can see it today, a fraction of the armor Carpenter. As a blacksmith, the carpenter used as to make all kinds of metal materials, so that they sometimes cruel commercial competition. At present we know is capable of armor, armored Carpenter kind of plate armor, chain mail, scale and shield into four categories.<br /><br />Finally, we want to introduce a career carpenter. These artists were able for each player to create props. Their creation is a long bow, sticks, clubs, furniture, and many, many raw wood elements, props, and they live in is, of course, logging machinery. Most of the game bows made carpenters, fishermen are also in need of a tribe where the miners needed to produce wood Miners dig in the game is almost impossible, carpenters are idle.<br /></p>

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