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Hot oil-do you really understand it?

by goodreader

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Hot oil a hair conditioner method-usually rub the hair dye or hair ointment on hair.With special tools emits steam heating,make oil penetrate the hair.Theere are two kinds of statement in the hair salon,one is to give a hair compensatory nutrition and moisture,the other is dyed black.Hot Oil products not only make the hair look moist, more importantly, can make hair more robust.

What's the function of hot oil treament:Seasons change, air pollution, and other chemical perm damage,excessive blow dry and other physical damage will cause hair become dry ,split ends and easily broken.At this time,simple shampoo and conditioner will not be able to deep repair hair and change the hair texture.The regular use  hot oil treatment  products can compensates  lack of the nutrition of hair.It is rich nutrients can penetrate into the hair,give hair the strong moisture and nutrients,make the hair has activity and flexibility,the key to deep repair hair is hot oil treatment.

How to choose the right hot oil: the method is very simple when choose hot oil.Summed up is three step smell,see,shake.

First is smell,essence flavor is very strong or the smell too choked,don't buy,easy to stimulate the scalp,causing dandruff.Second is to see the degree of oil,if the paste same like butter do not buy ,a good  oil  the surface will have glossy.But is not a layer of oil floating on the surface.Anyway,looks oily sticky is very good.Third shake the jar,look at the  viscous degree of oil,a good oil is that if you upside down the jar it won't flow out or only a little bit of flow,If like melting ice cream,don't buy it.Other pay attention to the packaging.

How to use:Regular treatment is essential for hair growth, maintenance and repair.It is better to do once a week.After each time use shampoo and conditioner just put the oil on the hair and the hair tip stay three to five minutes,then thoroughly clean,especially the hair root,that's ok.

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