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The Distinct Advantages of Creative Brochure Design

by sharondahead

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In an age where it would seem that everybody owns a device like a smartphone or computer, attention span is in dangerously short supply among consumers. With all the communication technology lying around, it isn’t much of a surprise to see almost everyone absorbed in their personal gadgets.

This issue of limited attention can be troubling for marketing campaigns, especially those related to the print industry, a sector that, many fear, appears to be losing its audience share to electronic media. After all, one might ask, how can print ads beat the accessibility, immediacy, and convenience of Web media in capturing the attention of consumers? The answer lies in carefully studying what holds the attention of audiences, and applying this knowledge to help produce effective brochure design.

Print media materials such as brochures still enjoy their niche in a world dominated by computer-generated media. For starters, flyers don't need electricity nor a display device to work; they just need to be viewed as they are. In addition, brochures are inexpensive to produce and easy to circulate.

Brochures and flyers also have the one thing electronic media has yet to come up with an answer for: tangibility. Consumers can physically hold brochures, causing their potential as promotional materials to extend beyond the initial recipient. Because people can take brochures home, show them to others, or give them away, this creates a multiplier effect that helps expand reach.

In the end, nothing beats a catchy and imaginative design that turns heads and holds people's attention. With the aid of a skilled graphic artist, it's possible to create an eye-popping brochure design capable of drawing audiences in, and keeping them captivated. Most people are visually oriented by nature, which is why achieving instant visual impact is key to a brochure's success.

Attention may be in short supply, but people's eyes are still looking around for the next best thing. Marketers can take advantage of this, and creative a visually stunning brochure that calls attention to itself, and inevitably the product being promoted. Those planning to publish brochures should take some cues from

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