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When do men need the right men’s jewelry

by anonymous

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Picture this: you are going through your wardrobe because you want to find something suitable to wear to a special occasion (such as the introduction of a new product line from your company) – then you realize that all you have are generic tuxedos and business suits. You realize that wearing those will just make you another wallflower so you need to add something that will help you stand out without drawing too much attention to the accessory. In this case, you might want to consider adding silver jewelry to your attire for the night.

The nice thing about men’s jewelry (such as silver jewelry) is that they can be mannish enough to suit even the most macho guy around but still remain beautiful in their own right. You can use various forms of jewelry such as silver rings and silver bracelets to give just the right touch. You might also want to try silver pendants or even silver cufflinks because these may complement the suit you are planning to wear. Silver jewelry does have that nice shine to it so that with the right business suit or tuxedo you can bring across a professional and attractive business image to prospective clients and current colleagues alike.


If you are on the lookout for fine men’s jewelry, sterling silver jewelry is a good choice. The main difference between fine silver and sterling silver is that sterling silver is actually an alloy of silver combined with another type of metal. This is actually good because fine silver would easily fall apart so an alloy is a more practical option when making sterling silver jewelry. Just because the jewelry is made from an alloy does not mean it will be less attractive so you can take your pick from the wide array of sterling silver jewelry available out there nowadays.

Take note that some people like to wear a lot of jewelry while others just like a few prized accessories. It all depends on the type of image your industry favors. For instance, rap artists may like a lot of bling – this has carried over even to more mainstream artists like justin bieber. If you are in a creative field like music wearing a lot of jewelry like gemstone-studded silver rings and loud pendants could be a good thing. But if you are in a more conservative line of work, such as financial services, you might have to tone down the accessories somewhat. So take stock of how you want to appear to clients and co-workers before you buy your choice of jewelry.


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