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The Origin Of Zodiac Signs And The Beginning Of Horoscopes

by leoturpin61

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In  astrology as well as the  historical astronomy, zodiac  is the circle of 12, 30 degree divisions of the celestial longitudes which center upon the ecliptic: the significant path of the Sun across the celestial sphere across the course of the year. The Paths of Moon and the visible planets  remain very close to ecliptic in the belt of the zodiac, which stretches 8-9 degrees north/ south of ecliptic measured in the celestial latitude. Historically, the 12 divisions are known as the 12 zodiac signs. Essentially the zodiac is a celestial coordinate system, or more significantly an ecliptic coordinate system, which considers the ecliptic as origin of the latitude, as well as the position of sun at vernal equinox like origin of longitude.

Astrology is known as the study of the correlations of all Celestial events with a behavior on the earth, and other significant correlations that can’t be interpreted by magnetism, gravitation, or the other similar forces which are very well established in Physics and the other sciences. Astrology is a science in itself and is said to help predict the future by a series of calculations which all have scientific basis.

A Celestial Event is an event which occurs in the sky. For instance, the sun which rises is a Celestial event, or any 2 planets which appear in the similar place in the Sky is a Celestial event. This Celestial event may involve a Celestial body, which may be sun, moon, planets, asteroids, comets, stars, black holes, or the celestial objects.

The origination of zodiac signshappened in the Babylonian times when Babylonian astrology evolved and later was influenced by the Hellenistic culture. According to astrology the celestial phenomenon relates to the activities of humans on the principle of “as above so below”. Here the signs indicate significant qualities of a person with the help of planetary movements. Today, zodiac signs horoscopehas evolved and become popular amongst not just teenagers but also among people of all age groups.

In the Chinese Astrology, the zodiac of the twelve signs of animal represents 12 types of personalities. Zodiac traditionally starts with a sign of Rat, and there are a number of stories regarding the origins of the Chinese Zodiacs that explains why this happens.

Some of the 2013 zodiac signscharacteristics have been mentioned by a number of astrologers. Zodiac signs 2013and a reading about the characteristics of people belonging to each sign are detailed in length in several books like that of Linda Goodman and also on several sites online. Many online sites not just give basic information on zodiac signs horoscope 2013,but also sun sign compatibility.

You can get a lot of details such as daily horoscopes based on zodiac signs. Many expert astrologers and sites will give you more specific details about job, love life, finance, romance etc absolutely free of cost. For more in depth details that will be given to you after a thorough calculation based on the date and time you were born, you may have to pay a small amount on some premium sites.


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