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Undetectable way of detecting

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Are you looking for such a device that will grab each key stroke and each word you type through your keyboard? Are you having doubt on people near you at home or office and you want to track each and every key stroke? Now let us think such a device. A hardware keylogger will fit the best to such type of device. A hardware keylogger is such a device that tracks or records all the key strokes and each word typed through your keyboard. Hardware keyloggers are used for the purpose of keystroke logging, a way or the technique of detaining and tracking keystrokes typed by a computer user, which may count passwords.

There are basically two types of keyloggers; hardware keylogger and software keylogger, now lets discover that which one is better.

Hardware keystroke recorders contain two main components: a simple microprocessor, and non-volatile memory. Hardware keystroke logger needs no dedicated or particular software on the computer system. They are used by means of a "host program", that might be any word processor or text editor. Hardware keystroke loggers are continually probing the keystroke torrent looking for the control of logging password. As soon the device sees the access password, it for the time being shuts down the keyboard and "types" a menu on the screen. This technology allows hardware keystroke recorders to be used without installing any software on the computer system, and allows recording to take place without consuming any CPU cycles.

On the other hand Keystroke recording software has existed almost since the arrival of the first computers. These programs create a log of all keystrokes typed and store the log file on the computer hard drive. These programs are generally interrupt-driven (from the keyboard interrupt). Thus, it consumes computer time while it reads the keystrokes and writes them to the computer hard drive.

We have discussed the superiority of hardware keylogger over software keylogger, now let us discuss the advantages and benefits of installing a hardware keylogger to your keyboards.

  • Undetectable and untraceable


Our hardware key logging devices are barely visible and are undetectable. They are not noticeable by the user and the user does not get knowledge of it being attached to the keyboard.

  • Totally protected


No one but you can access the logs. Saved keystrokes are protected with a secret password that you can set or change at any time.

  • Handy to control


Using hardware keylogger could not be made easier. Without any software to install, it simply attaches to your keyboard and plugs into the first available USB or PS/2 port having plug and play system.

  • Needs no attention at all


Hardware keyloggers need no attention or concentration at all. It has a huge capacity or memory that allows saving the key strokes in the drive without anyone letting know.


  • Can be attached into every type  of keyboard


 PS2 and USB, wired and wireless keyboards are supported by hardware key logging devices that counts multimedia keyboards and keyboards with built-in USB hubs. Hardware keylogger supports all kinds of international keyboard layouts.

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