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5 magical ingredients for approaching women

by anonymous

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There’s something mysterious and intriguing about women that let men believe they are unapproachable. Sometimes a woman might smile at you in a bar but when you ask her out she will turn you down in seconds. The fear of rejection is a great factor that makes you contemplate whether you should ask her out or not. So what is the secret of how to approach a woman? The magical ingredients are:

  1. Positivity: Approaching women can be a piece of cake if you do not over analyze the consequences and feel let down by every rejection you encounter. Go with a beaming smile and adopt a positive attitude so that your positivity is reflected externally. Optimism has helped many countries win wars so how difficult can it be to win the heart of a woman?
  2. Go solo: You might believe that the secret of how to approach a woman successfully lies in taking a wingman or your friend with you to break the ice; you are sorely mistaken if you feel this way. If you have seen the popular show “How I met your mother” and perceived the way Barney comes across as a jerk while approaching women it is mostly because he takes the help of a wingman. You should walk up to a woman alone; this shows that you are confident and sure of yourself.
  3. Opening lines:  As opposed to being spontaneous and saying the first thing that comes in your head it would be wise to memorize a few opening lines that would make you seem interesting and totally comfortable in your skin. It would be a good start to start your conversation with a compliment like, “I couldn’t help but notice that a star like you was lighting up the whole room!” However  when you get to a point where conversation flows naturally without feeling the need to memorize lines that’s when you know you have made progress.
  4. Flock of female friends:  This is probably the only thing that guys neglect. If you have female friends you will not feel awkward or uncomfortable while approaching women. You will have abundant practice to be at ease around women, they can even help you out by setting you up with their friends so the level of discomfort will be minimized.
  5. Let your tongue loose: One of the most unattractive aspects that happen while chatting up a woman is you tend to clam up and stutter or worse have nothing to say. You should be genuine and get over your inhibitions; if you have nothing remarkable to say just genuinely complement her and let the conversation flow easily.

When you let your inhibitions vanish you will see the difference this will reflect in your behavior. With the above listed secrets you can effortlessly snare a beautiful woman. Don’t let beauty or good looks intimidate you but always check her ring finger before you make a move or you just might attract the wrath of her husband or fiancé! 

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