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Reduce Weight with Sweet Potato

by slimmingpills

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There are a lot of food good for weight loss, sweet potato is the one among those, it has low fat but high cellulose, very helpful for reducing weight, here we introduce some sweet potato diet.

For obese people, they can use sweet potatoes instead of staple food. Sweet potato diet will not only greatly reduce the calorie intake, but also be able to stimulate the gastrointestinal peristalsis and help timely manner detoxification. Compared with 100 grams of rice, the heat of 100 grams of sweet potato is only one-third, we can see that takeing sweet potato instead of staple food can reduce a lot of calorie intake. The sweet potato is very rich in cellulose, and additionally contains vitamin A, vitamin B, iron, potassium and other nutrients, is a healthy diet food. Sweet potato cellulose can promote intestinal peristalsis to help clear the body of metabolic waste. Sweet potato contains very little amount of fat, every 100 grams of sweet potatoes only has 0.2 grams of fat, low-fat and low-calorie enable it be a wonderful weight loss food.
sweet potato mud

a simplest taking method, buy sweet potatoes and wash it clear, peel it and steam them, take it out once it is OK and put it into a large container and press it into pulpy, then add a right amount of oil and stir fry till all the water is got rid of.
Sweet potato porridge

Prepare a half sweet potato and a small amount of non-glutinous rice, some lean meat (This is the amount for a person). Peel sweet potatoes and cut them into small pieces and clear non-glutinous rice. Put sweet potatoes and rice into the pot to cook, then add the meat and a small amount of salt.

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