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Kitting fulfillment and the potential cost-benefits you can

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The practice of assembling individual items into sets or kits for purposes of easy shipping is in order fulfillment speak referred to as kitting. More often than not, assembled kits are put into storage facilities to await shipping. Additionally, an assembled kit typically bears an identification number that serves a dual purpose – to facilitate its individual inventorying and tracking, and to distinguish it from the various components that it holds. This aspect of order fulfillment is ideal for just about any materials that are dispatched as regular packages. It thus works well for items such as product samples, instructional materials, dealer supplies, and so on.

The idea of outsourcing order fulfillment services to specialist firms is fast catching on in today’s business circles and client firms have lots to be glad about. With regards to having items shipped in the form of kits, client firms are spared of the need to hire pick-and-pack manpower. Outsourcing this service also ensures that the requirements of labeling and weighting are expedited. This in turn offers the possibility of making significant transport expense savings and it no doubt helps to make time savings. A firm that competently offers this service further enables a client firm to respond better to increased demand for custom sets. The advantages accrued can be even better if the fulfillment firm has the capacity to combine several products into new single kits, to create promotion kits, and more. It will certainly be worthwhile to work with a fulfillment firm that can professionally dismantle kits so as to replace individual items or alternatively return all the components to your inventory.

Printing fulfillment is another element of order implementation that very well complements kitting. The use of print implementation guarantees that all of a client firm’s orders are delivered to their destinations bearing custom-printed materials and this goes a long way in establishing powerful brand recognition for the firm. Printing fulfillment however requires an order implementation service provider that has both the creative expertise and equipment needed to optimally realize the varying demands of individual clients.

As has been previously observed, shipping of kits is fast being adopted by many businesses on account of the cost-efficiencies that can be accrued. By and large the greatest of these advantages is that businesses get to make substantial savings on operational overheads. They are no longer required to invest in IT management systems, warehousing facilities, equipment and personnel. Secondly, businesses that have outsourced these services pay less in terms of shipping costs. The majority of order implementation centers do offer healthy discounts based on the volumes of packages that client firms ship out. Client firms are also spared the rigors that come with coordination of package distribution, and which is made all the more easier with printing fulfillment. They also don’t have to scour the market looking for the most affordable shipping options.

Another very handy advantage accrued via this implementation service has to do with manufacturing process flexibility. Lots of firms have realized that it makes more business sense to ship individual package components to order implementation centers and have the final packages assembled there. Last but not least, using these services means that client firms are no longer obligated to meet various legal safety measures. It is the order fulfillment firms that will be required to meet and attain all regulatory compliance standards and certifications.


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