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More on Hiring Divorce Attorneys

by advinrosa

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It is important to hire the best lawyer after doing a lot of research and information.

Aside from hiring new divorce attorneys to represent, one also has the option of consulting with a new attorney just to get a second opinion on the case. Client can pay the attorney for a few hours of time, and have that attorney review his or her file and listen to his or her history, then give him or her an opinion as to what the options may be and how he or she should proceed in his or her case. What’s more, if client bring the second attorney all of his or her paperwork him or herself, rather than asking that he or she get it from the current attorney, then client can get a second opinion without ever having to tell the current attorney what you are doing. That way, client won’t jeopardize his or her relationship with the current attorney in case he or she decides he or she want to have him or her continue to handle his or her case.

Once client go for a second opinion, he or she may find that the second attorney gives him or her same advice as the first attorney. If so, at least client will have the peace of mind of knowing that the present attorney is doing the right thing. If, however, the second attorney gives client advice that is very different from what the first attorney advised, client may want to bring up those ideas with the present attorney and discuss them. The attorney may be open to trying a different approach. On the other hand, if the attorney rejects the ideas out of hand or isn’t comfortable doing what the second attorney advised client to do, then client may want to fire the first attorney and go with the new one. The one thing client don’t want to do, though, is fire the first attorney before client hire a new attorney, or worse yet, fire the first attorney and go through the process alone.

Being unrepresented in the divorce, particularly if client’s spouse has divorce attorneys, is not just a bad idea, it’s usually a disastrous one. client don’t know the law, he or she don’t know the court rules, and no matter how smart he or she may think he or she is , if he or she don’t know the court system, he or she not going to do well. No matter how much client may dislike or disagree with the present attorney, its best not to fire him or her until client have someone else lined up to take the case. Nine times out of ten, any lawyer is better than no lawyer at all.

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