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The Benefits of Social Media Marketing to Businesses

by ghimes

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Social media marketing is the method of generating site traffic through social networks, such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and others. Small (or online) organizations today also rely on this newest kind of marketing due to the fact that everyone (especially their target markets) is into social media. Based on the 2012 Social Media Marketing Industry Report by the Social Media Examiner, 94% of marketers said that they use social media to promote their businesses and that more than 80% stated that it plays very important role in their advancement. But what is doubtful to newbies in Internet marketing is that how it really affects their development. If you are one of them, here are some benefits to enlighten you:

1 and 2: Social media marketing produces (as well as increases) awareness and traffic.

As you build your presence in Facebook, Twitter and other platforms and you try to connect with as many individuals as possible, you are creating business awareness. As you continue to transform your efforts, you become attached to a lot more people. It is tantamount to saying that you are also increasing your exposure on the social media. Because you begin to build interest in their minds, they will click the link to go to your site; hence, the process of traffic generation.

Again, based on the 2012 Social Media Marketing Industry Report, marketers listed the item above as the top two benefits. Over 90% revealed that their marketing efforts using social media have given them more direct exposure. At the same time, almost 70% disclosed that they have enjoyed increased website traffic since carrying out social media marketing.

3. Social media marketing offer them prospects.

You can look at people who start to link with your company’s social accounts as your prospects. This is because they will not spend their time building connections with your business and following brands or products if they have no real interest in them. It is now up to your strategies about how you can convert these friends and followers into actual buyers.

4. Social media marketing improves their sales.

People are now highly affected by what they see on social networking sites. The Social Habit survey of Edison Research in June 2012 revealed that 47% of those who use social media at least once a month were relying on Facebook in most of their buying decisions. This study only demonstrates that any business that can make use of social media in its marketing plans are experiencing sales increase.

5. Social media marketing helps you build loyal fans.

As you continue to improve your social media accounts with brand new products, promos and others, your buyers become your loyal fans. The reason is, you also continue to grow their interests in your company.

These are only five; you've got a much more to benefit from social media marketing. You have to make sure, however, that the techniques you (or your marketers) designed work well enough to make all these a reality.


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