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Overall Knowledge about Gemstone Jewelry

by anonymous

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Most of us like gemstone jewelry. But do you know how the gem is formed? It is really a long history.  Gem can be formed through millions of years in various environments. Diamond, ruby, sapphire, emerald and Chrysobery Cat Eye are universally acknowledged as the five precious gemstones with high collection value. The rest belongs to the middle and lower rank over the gems.

Diamond is one of nature's most hard substances. It is known as the "king of the gem". The colorless and transparent diamond is the best choice. Micro strip blue is regarded as the "water and fire drill" with the highest value. Myanmar is one of the world's leading high-quality rubies, while the "pigeon blood" is the best. Ruby is July birthstone, symbolizing enthusiasm and noble moral character. Sapphire is the September birthstone. Its elements are similar to the ruby’s.  Pearl is known as the “Gem Queen”.  There are two kinds of pearls including natural pearls and cultured pearl. There are also some other gems. All of them can be made into wholesale fashion jewelry. When they are made into jewelry, they will have different colors. There is much knowledge about the color of jewelry. Each color has its own intension. Even in different countries, the same color has different meanings. While the better meanings are well acknowledged. Most people would rather believe the good meaning then thinking about the bad one.

As we all know, the red means energy, health and hope; yellow means warm and brightness; green means youth and peace; purple means elegance and delicacy; white means pure and noble; gold means glory; orange means excitement and happiness; black means mystery and silence. There are still some other colors having some other meanings. The knowledge about the jewelry color is really rich. You cannot find out all of them. There are always some details you will lose.

Most of the gemstones have some functions that are helpful to humans’ body. Some can help bring much positive energy; some can make people more confident and more charming; some can help people get along well with others; some can make the lovers more love each other; some can development one’s mind; some can benefit to the cure the bad illness; some can give people good luck; some can…they have so many functions that make people want to wear them.

Based on this, wholesale jewelry makes a great progress. Many people spend much money on various gemstone jewelry.

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