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Top Tips to Hire .Net Developers

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As an integrated development environment (IDE), Microsoft .NET is widely used by software companies to develop powerful applications. So many companies often look for experienced .NET developers for their web application development projects. Some companies look for freelance developers, whereas others want to hire a programmer for an extended timeframe. However, each recruiter needs to concentrate on certain qualities to find the right .NET developer for his project.

While evaluating the resumes of developers, you need to ensure that the professional must have good education along with adequate experience in .NET development services. It is also a good idea to hire a professional who has a good combination of formal education and programming experience. When you shortlist the resumes, give priority to the professionals with several years of programming and website developing experience using Microsoft technologies. At the same time, you also have to consider some additional qualities that make the developer more competent and ideal.

Qualities to Concentrate on while Hiring .NET Developers

  • Ability to Meet Your Specific Requirements: The professional experience and expertise of individual developers vary from each others. Therefore, you must shortlist the .NET developers after checking their ability to fit to your organization. For instance, if your company offers ecommerce website development services, you cannot hire a programmer having experience in developing educational or children’s websites. When you shortlist the resumes, it is important to give preference to the professionals who are familiar with your industry. If the style of the developers fit well to your company, it will be easier for you to hire the right professional for your .NET development project.

  • Proficiency in Several Technologies: Most web applications, nowadays, have to use third-party applications and services. For instance, an ecommerce website has to use shopping cart software and payment processing systems designed by outside firms. So you have to check if the professional is familiar with other popular technologies including PHP, Java, J2EE, MySQL, JavaScript, DHTML, XML, AJAX and CSS. The proficiency in these non-Microsoft technologies will make it easier for the developer to make powerful web application by integrating some of the widely used technologies and applications available in the market.

  • Expertise in Handling Customized .NET Tools: Often developers have to use customized tools to build powerful web application without putting any extra time and effort. Some of these tools also need to be integrated seamlessly with your website to enhance its look and feel. So the .NET developer must be familiar with using the customized tools. Along with the tools used to make the web application more secure and interactive, he also needs to understand how to make, test and deploy web services using specific tools. You also need check if the professional knows how to keep the .NET development environment secure and inaccessible.

  • Passion for Quality: Each software company has to concentrate on high standards of quality to impress and retain its clients. Often the high quality standard of a company makes it easier to promote its services through the word-of-mouth of existing clients. So you must check if the .NET developer is passionate about consistently maintaining the quality of work. You can simply evaluate the web applications developed by the programmer in past to decide if he has the ability to put the website well by avoiding the regular problems. His passion for quality will make the professional work hard to impress your clients.

  • Energy Level and Creativity: Often the popularity of a web application depends on its aesthetic appeal. Many visitors even switch to the next website if they are not impressed by the look of a specific website. So your web application must be eye-catchy enough to attract users, and keeping them engaged. If the developer is creative, he can suggest the best ideas to optimize the look and feel of the website. At the same time, he must be energetic enough to implement these ideas to impress your clients.

  • Good Communication Skills: Most .NET developers have to work as a part of a development team. Also, the professionals have to frequently communicate the status of the web application development project to various stakeholders. If you are hiring a freelance .NET programmer for a single project, you may ignore his communication skills. But evaluation of the professional’s communication and people management skills becomes essential when you are hiring the developer on a permanent basis. The skills will make it easier for the professionals to interact and bond with your existing employees. Also, the coordination will contribute towards making it easier for the new employee to work in a high stress environments.

Most companies, nowadays, develop projects by deploying distributed teams. So there are always chances that the .NET professional has to work in a distributed environment. You must ask him a lot of questions to ensure that he knows how to stay connected and interact with other members of the web application development team.

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