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How Biosimilars Have Revolutionized Pharmaceutical Industry?

by GoodWinBio

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The recent strategic move made by major pharmaceutical agencies was quite expected. The reason is, since last many years, they were continuously loosing the market share to handful of generic drug manufacturing agencies. Although, they capitalized a lot on their team of legal experts. However, it was the market which was not ready to pay heed to their commitment to deliver them quality products, and was going for much cheaper options. So, it was quite evident that these pharmaceutical firms would get back to their research and development team and would want them to come up with something which can help them survive the present onslaught. Apart from that, they were also looking for change in their drug manufacturing mechanism, so that they can reduce the price of their products.

What is the Future Technology that Can Prove Beneficial for Pharma Industry?

The researchers and scientists have come up with a very exciting technology that can help them get rid of generic drug manufacturers. This is because, using this technology, an organization can develop very effective medicines, that too at quite a reduced price. Apart from that, as these medicines are developed using the human body cells, it would be quite difficult for the generic drug manufacturing agencies to replicate the process or mechanism. It is because, Mammalian Expression Systems technology is not only highly sophisticated, but also the most innovative and technically advanced. According to some experts, the generic drug manufacturers won't be able to cope up with this sudden change and many of them will perish within a few year. Even if any generic drug manufacturing firm is able to survive the initial onslaught, they have to struggle a lot for their future existence.

How Biologics Technology will affect the Future Drug Manufacturing Process and Industry?

The prime aspect of Monoclonal Antibody manufacturing technology is that it is the most advanced. However, this technology is not much expensive. This means that the drug manufacturing agencies will soon recover their invested amount and will start earning profit. This will also help them offer the drugs and medicines made using the advanced technology at a very competitive price. This will also help them counter the threat posed by the leading generic drug manufacturers. Apart from that, the technology being highly sophisticated will be very difficult to master by the generic drug manufacturer. They now can't copy the technology, and to become a part of the industry they have to invest in their own research and development wing.


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