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Basics of Document Scanning in Los Angeles

by rubybadcoe

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Businesses in Los Angeles often need to electronically transmit data or records through email. Compared to courier services or snail mail, this is a more convenient and safer way of sending files across the city, state, country or even the world. To do this, the printed document is scanned then sent. Here are basic information to better understand the concept of document scanning in Los Angeles.

The Scanner

There are many different types of scanners but all have the same basic function: to capture an image of the document and transmit it to a recognizable (and viewable) file on your computer. Today's scanners are capable of making JPEG files, which are purely photographic, and PDF files which you can read, bookmark and highlight as you would a book. More modern options can even convert data to Word documents you can fully edit.


A scanner's sensors work like a camera fixture that takes a photo of your document. Most sensor types convert light (or lack of it) through photo-sensitive diodes, then to electrical signals. The reason why many older scanners are incapable of rendering computer-recognizable text is that they aren't actually looking for words but rather are scanning for the color vacuum of your black ink in relation to the white paper.

Contact Image Sensor or CIS, on the other hand, has red, blue and green LED lights. When the document is placed next to it, white light is produced by the combination of the three colors, a process through which the sensor picks up the document's image.

Transcribing to Digital Data

Most scanner units use wires such as USB or FireWire ports to connect to your computer. Others can transcribe data wirelessly using a host server or internet connection. From the image produced by the scanner's sensors, special drivers convert them into electrical data that is recognized by the computer as a JPEG or PDF file.

If you need to send a document to your company heads or to clients out of state, immediately, consider the convenience of hiring Los Angeles document scanning services. If you want to read more on how this important piece of technology works, check out

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