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Containment Force: Keeping Tall Stacks from Toppling with St

by claydelgado

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Physics dictates that during transport, a stack of boxes has a higher chance of falling than a single box. The farther an object gets from earth's center of gravity, the more likely that object is to fall towards the ground, especially when on the move. A single box, on the other hand, is less likely to fall and tumble because it stands closer to the ground.

However, carrying one box at a time presents a logistical problem. Tons of goods have to be moved by shippers and movers; this is a process that requires efficiency and speed, and failure to do so will result in negative effects such as a slow production line, poor product quality, and dissatisfied customers. While logistical services need to ferry as many goods as possible at a time, it's impossible to turn a blind eye on the safety of the goods during transport. Containment force is necessary, which can be provided by quality stretch wrap film.

Aside from the downward force exerted by gravity on the stack of goods, there are external forces pressing against the stack on both sides. The amount of containment force is relative to the weight of the overall stack; the heavier a stack, the more containment force it needs. The job of the stretch wrap is to stabilize stacks of goods by wrapping around the stack and keeping separate components together as much as possible.

A stack may need up to 12 pounds of containment force to secure the goods in case of turbulent shipping conditions. The amount of revolutions necessary to produce this amount of force depends on the type of stretch wrap used. Some films can exert more containment force in fewer wraps, perhaps 50 percent of the usual amount.

It's imperative that you get the most out of stretch wrap as possible to help keep even the most fragile goods in place. Stretch wrap envelops stacks of boxes just as bubble wrap envelops pottery, china, or glassware. The only difference is that stretch wrap stabilizes, while bubble wrap cushions the products from impact. This roll of plastic is among the simplest ways to safely transport goods.

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