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History of porn DVDs on different porn sites

by Aninda

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Porn DVDs are now available in here and there. At this time society has not yet formed a uniformly accepted opinion regarding the effects of pornography which are now easy to get in CDs, DVDs, webs, magazines etc. Some activities suggest that it provides people a healthy way to explore their sexuality where others argue that pornography is the root of all evil and must be banned properly. But neither side is able to show a solid proof of their position even though moderate exposure of pornography is hardly harmful and excessive exposure can have a devastating effect on involved individuals as sexual revolution brought sexual independence.

A very common word among the young stars is porn. The actual meaning or definition of the word “Porn” means so called indecent pictures which had been actually originated from the Greeks or more specifically from the Macedonia. The earlier age of civilization had given people the sensation of love through the arts, pictures, sculptures, paintings etc. It is said that the drawings of the cave man was the first written document of the porn history which dated for years. But they were actually drawn for the learning purpose of instructional materials but not for any sexual attention.

It is said that there is a difference between pornography and erotica. Erotic means portrayal of sexuality focusing mainly on feelings and emotions with high art aspirations. But pornography involves the picture of acts in a sensation way where the entire focus is based on physical acts to arouse quick intense reactions among people.

Generally Soft-core pornography is described focusing on nude modeling and photo shoots which are not so explicit and no intention of sexual intercourse, whereas hardcore pornography showcases on penetrative intercourses.

Pornography was mainly developed at the starting of the 20th century with the progress of the technological and ideological development. In more recent times as communication technologies evolved each new techniques, like photography, printing, video quality, video type (HD, Blu-Ray), motion pictures has been adapted to display these depictions for the satisfaction of the viewers.

High-definition (HD) videos shows signs of changing the images of pornography as the technology is increasingly used for professional production as well as the increasing popularity of public reaction. The porn industry was one of the first to adopt the modern technologies and techniques to provide viewers a clear and sharper image of the performers and their acts.A huge competition is now going on between HD DVD and Blu-ray Disc as they provide a comfort and almost lively telecast of sexual acts in close up shots.

In the late 1980s and early 1990s erotic CD-ROMs were popular as they brought extraordinary element of inter activeness and fantasy but their poor quality was a main drawback so Internet became the preferred source of pornography in households offering both privacy in viewing and chance to interact with other people for which their sales declined.

Porn websites are the new ways of having and watching porn DVDs. These sites are the representative of best quality porn dealers and suppliers. These sites have a membership category where the members are provided or supplied with the latest and the best quality porn. Before membership the persons’ email address is checked and the notification about the delivery of best porn DVDs.  

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