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Phone Answering Services – Do Organizations Really Need It?

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When a sudden marketing push has people calling day and night to enquire about your business, you would obviously want the callers to get the information. But what if you were out of town attending your parent’s anniversary; you wouldn’t want to talk to anybody unless it was an emergency. In this, and a lot of other situations, a phone answering service may be the answer to your problem.

No Organization Can Do Without One!

Even if your organization has a receptionist who is really good at his/her job, chances are that some calls will be missed – come one, there is a limit to one receptionist’s skills! Those missed calls get diverted to voicemail, which most clients absolutely hate.

Phone answering services, with their twenty four hour live service, are a great way to ensure that you never miss a call again.

What do you get from a phone answering service?

Having dedicated professionals always ready to answer your call will also definitely increase the level of customer care. And since clients and customers are the bread and butter of any organization, keeping them happy is essential. The agents working on the answering services are trained to be helpful and accommodating at all times, while creating a professional image. This kind of demeanour is sure to reflect positively on the business too.

Let’s think about this the other way. During customer emergencies, having a person taking the call rather than a machine has a profound effect on relieving the stress of the emergency, and makes it more personal for the caller.

For medical businesses too, if live people are answering the calls, they would be able to lighten and also address the concerns of people who may want to explain in detail their problem and seek support.

Phone answering services also have several cost advantages. Fluent English speakers can easily be accessed at very competitive rates, in comparison to a full time employee (who would require leaves and may call in sick, leaving an unattended phone line).

What they need from you?

The more information that your phone answering service has, the more professionally will they be able to answer your calls. Callers need to be talking to people who know everything they should about the company they are representing.

Operators can be informed about how you want your customers to be addressed. Little details like if the company uses its full name or just initials or if the operators are to identify themselves by name, can be helpful.

A little explanatory information (in basic terms) would also be required in order to maintain a professional appearance. Also, information about where the company is based, for people who may want to visit the premises should be provided.

Another useful tip would be for the answering service would be to use the company’s website address to familiarize themselves with it along with any additional information that they may need. This would also keep them up to date with any changes that have been made.

For a quality service, it is important to communicate clearly with your phone answering service. And in the end, you can have the peace of mind you always wanted in your business.

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