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Picking a Vacuum That Is the Best Option for You

by newmaid1

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There are a lot of different types and grades of vacuum cleaner on the market. How do you pick the vacuum that is the best option for you? First, you should consider the environment you want to clean. Are you cleaning high-pile carpet or a lower-pile carpet like industrial carpet or Berber? How large is the space you need to clean? Do you have multiple stories, necessitating carrying the vacuum cleaner up and down stairs, or a single story that won’t require that you move the vacuum around very much? Once you have assessed your needs, determine how much you are willing to spend on a vacuum cleaner.

Different types of vacuum cleaner will suit different needs. If you’re looking for everyday spot cleaning, such as in a carpeted dining area, a lightweight and inexpensive stick vacuum might do the trick for you. Stick vacuums won’t deeply clean your carpet, but they’re easy to pull out on the fly and suck up any stray crumbs and debris for day-to-day cleaning. Stick vacuums work best for smaller living areas and spaces. If you have multiple levels in your home, you might consider keeping a stick vacuum upstairs and in lower-traffic areas, and then using a heavier-duty vacuum cleaner on the main level that gets the most traffic.

More powerful vacuums include upright types, some of which have bags and others of which are bagless. Many of the bagless models have “cyclone action” or something similarly named to indicate that they have tremendous suction. The advantage of bagless vacuums is that you don’t have to purchase bags to use the vacuum cleaner, however, they can be messy to empty. Many modern vacuum cleaners also have HEPA filters to help if you have allergies. If you have pets, there are vacuum cleaners made specifically to help control animal hair buildup, and which are equipped to suck up pet hair better than regular vacuum cleaners might be able to. You may also opt to buy a tank vacuum, which usually has a vacuum tank, a hose, and a power head that are all separate from each other. Tank vacuums are typically powerful, but can be inconvenient to use in tight spaces or to carry up and down stairs. Both tank vacuums and upright vacuums tend to cost more than lightweight stick vacuums. You can find them in mid-range prices to suit your budget, but if you want a great deal of power for heavy-duty cleaning, you can expect to pay more for a more powerful machine.

Another consideration when looking to purchase a vacuum cleaner is the attachments. Many, if not most, modern vacuums, both tank and upright, come with brush attachments and similar add-ons that will let you clean more than just carpet. Some vacuums, including some models of stick vacuum, even have an on-board hand vac for convenience. You will also want to consider cord length and ergonomics of your vacuum, particularly if you anticipate that you will be using it a lot. For more visit

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