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BASEstation On Board Computer Design for Delivery Fleets

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In the age of globalization, this is really important for truck to utilize modern technology in order to keep up with the demand and requirement. New technology saves cost and delivers their freight on the time. Generally the truck owners remain under a lot of pressure and stress to deliver their load quickly and with minimal errors. This is the reason the use of a device like on board computer (OBC) is always relevant. This modern technology like fuel truck OBC can drastically enlarge the effectiveness, save time as well as money.

BASE station on board truck computer system is specifically designed for petroleum delivery fleets. These systems are built for delivery automation and industrial control over truck systems. Base station on board truck computer system has some features that include:

• The system has complete assessment management
• It has a reliable interface with all trucks systems
• The complete product reconciliation between fuel loaded and delivered
• The system has a real time communication between truck and back offices systems

There are so many people who have selected to use ‘off the shelf’ mobile handheld computers and limited purpose in-cab computer. It is really helpful. The display screen is small and the keypad is easy to use. On board computer is made to use a real window based cab that mounted with a large screen and glove friendly keypad.

Those days are gone when truck drivers required stopping at payphone to get directions or proper information about their next haul. Today most of the truck companies use this on board computer to offer instructions and truck freight. The system has an enriched version and by using satellite technology, these in cab computers even possess the ability to control the system.

BASEstation on board computer is built for fuel trucks and designed to seamlessly interface with all other truck systems. Professional engineers have developed the bulletproof connections to the electric register, radio remote control automation and system, the driver authorization system, tank gauge, and engine/chassis telemetric. So it also has built-in GPS, satellite, cellular, and Wi-Fi potentiality plus mapping and routing.

Now the professionals have envisioned a system where the brains live in a beautiful warm cab. At the same time the handheld system is a simpler device that sends and receives data from the cab when it is required. It also allows the handheld system to be purpose built for fuel delivery with functionality needed only at the end of the hose. This is really easy to use.

The actual result is a handheld system that will scan customer RFID tags and transmit this customer data that almost 1000ft back to the truck in cab computer. It also shows the meter reading in real time which is really unique for will calls and spill prevention. Basically the handheld will control all tank and chassis operations like Hose Reel, Internal Valve(s), PTO(s), Engine RPM, and a DOT approved remote urgent shut down system.

BASE Engineering’s BASEstation is an on board computer designed specifically for petroleum delivery fleets. Our fuel truck OBC and back office connection were designed and built by people with 33 years’ experience in fuel delivery automation and control.

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