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Liven Up Your Home or Business with 3D Wall Panels

by textures3dpanels

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If you’ve ever wondered how you could make your walls look more decorative and unique, you need to consider installing 3D wall panels. They literally stand out among other competitive alternative choices for paneling.

3D wall panels come in a variety of shapes and styles. You can have them custom made for a perfect fit inside your home or business. They are made of a durable wood material that is easy to take care of and maintain. If you decide you want to custom fit the paneling for yourself, they are easily cut just like regular wood.

Installing the paneling to make it look seamless is typically fairly easy. A filler material applied in the joints where the panels come together will help with this. You will have to sand the filler after it has dried, but you will not have to put much more effort into it than you would with any drywall material.

The panels typically come ready to paint. You can paint the panels in any way you wish, but you will most likely need to paint them with a special type of paint. The manufacturer of the paneling can give you more instructions about how to paint specific types of paneling when you order them.

Painting is best done by spraying, but the panels can be roller painted. If you decide to paint by rolling, you will need to paint up and down, and following the carving in the panels. You may also need to add special rollers or paint additives to make the paint look as smooth as possible. These special items may be available from the manufacturer of the panels.

Once you have painted the 3D panels, you may want to put a clear coat over the paint to protect the paint and the panel, especially if the panels will be installed in high traffic areas. Special clear coats are available to make sure the finish of the panels is not dulled.

Once you have installed the paneling, you will see how they really make your room come alive. 3D wall panels are suitable for a variety of decors and settings, and people will constantly marvel over the look of the wall. If you really want to make people notice a room, these panels will get the job done.

You will love the look of your room when you’ve added decorative 3D panels to the walls. Installation is fairly simple and you can customize the look of the panels with different colors. The unique look you’ve always wanted for your room is finally possible, so start transforming the room right away.


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