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Underling the Advantages of Using Sponge Cloths

by swethar

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Our home is a nest of peace for us. It is our responsibility to keep it clean and in mint condition. It adds to its beauty and our pleasure. The most common way to keep it well-maintained and dust-free is to clean it regularly. You can use water or chemical solution for cleaning though later is often considered the best choice for retaining glossy charm of polished structure of marble or similar kind of floor finishing. Apart from liquid (water or solution, whatever it is), you need a cleaning towel. For an advanced version of traditional towel, you should consider using sponge cloths. Though other varieties of mops are easily available, sponge makes the better choice for its multiple advantages. Let us have a look at them.

Advantages of Sponge Mopping

The best quality of sponge is it contains good amount of water. You can mop up a spacious area of your floor with sponge which means you won’t have to take trouble of soaking it in water several times. Sponge contains numerous tiny pores which store water for a certain time. Even if you squeeze it tightly and multiple times, it will carry a lot of water though won’t look like soggy on the surface. The same things happen when you use cleaning agent instead of water. A few droplets of cleaning solution will suffice. The sponge mops will absorb that little amount and clean your floor properly.

Sponge mopping is also ideal when you want to remove even the microscopic particles of dust and keep your floor perfectly clean in true sense. It has already been mentioned that sponge has countless pores. Apart from containing water, they also absorb dust. This explains why sponge cleaning makes your floor much cleaner and polished. It is also a way to make your interior ambience more hygienic as we know that a place where dust builds up becomes a home to germs and microbes.

Materials of Sponge Mop

Sponge map is made of different types and qualities of cloths. Cost is a subject to the material used and its quality. Some mops are easily affordable while price of the rest might scare you away. For information on sponge mops and mopping, you can search on the internet. Whichever you choose will come of great help to serve your purpose of cleaning.

When You Are Looking for the Best

If you want to buy the best kind, make sure that your sponge mop is made of microfiber cloths as brushes. This type helps the sponge mop soak a good volume of water along with microbes. Such a feature ensures that use of them will remove the microscopic organisms and keep your home free of danger from disease. 

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