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Why automated trading is the best option for traders

by patrickhaynes

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Recently, a development in the field of automated trading led the regulating authorities in United States of America (USA) to rethink its existing laws governing it. The incident resulted in, if only for a brief period, the markets taking a nosedive. What happened you might ask? The answer is a common word: hacking. Of course, you'll now ask how? Well to know more about it then read on. In the month of April, the twitter account of a leading news agency got hacked. The miscreants then posted a false tweet about the White House being under attack. In no time, the market dropped $136 billion. However, the money was recovered promptly as the tweet was deleted immediately. But one can easily understand how the integration of automated trading with the modern social platforms has thrown new challenges before us. However, one alone should not blame the automated system for the potential risks that a trader may face.

The solution lies in tougher laws and fines to curb the intentions of rigging the markets. However, as in the aforementioned case, the source of the news was credible enough to fool us humans. What can we say then of the machines that have been designed to operate by us only?

Before we can arrive at a concrete solution, the only way forward is to tread the path cautiously. Here we present a few arguments for conducting forex trading using an automated process. First of all, it is a bane for a beginner. Why? Because to be successful in speculative markets, one needs to have a sharp eye. Some have a natural affinity towards it while others need to acquire it after gaining years of experience. By leaving the trading of currencies to a software system with a predefined set of instructions, one frees himself/herself of the hard work to keep a tab on the fluctuations and make a move by considering all the risk factors. One can be a novice and still gain without running the risk of losing all their hard earned cash. Also, humans tend to make spur of the moment decisions based on emotions. This can work for and against them.

The software works by taking into account the different market factors and makes decisions that will ensure optimum returns and minimum risk without involving any iota of emotion. Of course, it will only work on the parameters set by an individual!

Also, as humans, we have a limit i.e. there comes a point when it is hard to concentrate with all your senses. This drastically increases the chances of making a wrong move. However, when trading forex through an automated system, one can keep a tab on the market all day long without the need to be present in front of the computer. Another thing that works in their favor is the fact that human brain can only offer a certain level of efficiency. The computer program processes information at blinding speeds which is almost impossible to be achieved by a human brain and thus trades in no time.

Careful, the comment about keeping a tab on the market all day long without being present...

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