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An Overview Into Full Face And Half Mask Respirators

by ViyenJhon

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There are different types of jobs that the employees have to perform when they are in the work place. There may be a few jobs that involve breathing in of dangerous and hazardous chemicals while the employees are working. Therefore, it becomes imperative that they make use of the full face respirators or half mask respirators based upon the requirement they have at the work place and also based upon the nature of emissions that are involved in the job.

Full face respirators are those which cover the complete face including the eyes. Half mask respirators are those which cover only the mouth and the nose. But, both these types make use of a combination of filters, prefilters and cartridges that ensure the safety of the employees. Again, the type of the filter that is needed for the employees depends heavily on the kind of hazard that is involved in the work. It is highly essential that the employees should not wear full or half face masks if the cartridge or filter cannot protect them against certain gases or vapors. Also, these masks are not to be worn in areas where there is deficiency in oxygen.

The full face respirators will cover the eyes, nose and mouth. The half mask respirators will cover nose and mouth. There is an in built valve which will help in exhaling easily and will also help in keeping the contaminated air outside while inhaling. The filters, prefilters and cartridges are attached on the exterior of the mask. So, they have the ability to attract and capture vapors, gases and particles that may cause a lot of harm to the body when inhaled. We will find that the full face respirators or the half mask ones with prefilters, filters and cartridges are worn in tasks that are related to high tech manufacturing, heavy duty cleaning, painting and welding.

It is the duty of the employer to see to it that all employees are trained well in the procedure in which they have to wear these masks. There are the disposable masks as well as the reusable masks. Needless to say, after a few uses, you could dispose the former type of masks. However, the reusable masks need to be taken care of so that they offer full protection the next time they are used. Whether it is the full face or half mask, the respirators have to be washed in warm water and that too with mild soap alone once the filters and the cartridges are removed. The employer may give instructions on the maintenance of the masks or the manufacturer may give instructions on the care that has to be taken while using the masks. They have to be stored in a cool and dry place once the cleaning is done.

Supply Line Direct is an online hub that provides for a wide array of these respirators that may help employees working in the above mentioned areas to protect themselves against the hazardous chemicals, gases or vapors that are emanated in the work place. There are different brands available too at the store for the shopper to choose from.

Viyen Jhon is USA Author. He provides national distributor and online supercenter of safety supplies,janitorial supplies and shop and warehouse equipment.He has applied his knowledge and understanding to a wide variety of full face respirators and half mask respirators.

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