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Barcode Label Printer and Some of Its Other Varieties

by swiftclik

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Barcode label printeris in huge demand soon after its arrival; they hold a huge market share because of their usefulness. They are used in a huge number of industries especially in retail organizations. In the method of barcode printing various combinations of bars and spaces are used in a coded manner that is printed on any kind of product. These barcodes consists various information about the product and about the company.  These are printed on the labels of the product; this is perhaps the biggest reason for the name being barcode label printer. These barcodes are employed in almost every sector and you can read then with the help of special barcode readers and also with smart phones.


There are other types of printers in the market which are most acclaimed for their technology and process employed. One of the most useful and prominent one isthermal label printer and it is of two types and they are:


  • Direct thermal printers and the best example of this type in the market is called is Citizen Label printer. This is best for the printing of various types of multi-colored labels and tickets. You can also print barcodes with much ease. These are one of the best set of printers available in the market that are almost faultless.
  • Thermal transfer printers: As the name suggests, thermal is transferred on the prints and the final output is produced. You can use them for printing on papers, creating barcodes and printing on clothes as well.

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