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Just how good is your SEO consultant Florida?

by anonymous

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Hiring an SEO consultant is not something to wish off if you are serious about doing business on the internet. This is for a very simple reason - the internet is awash with businesses many of which are direct competitors to yours.


Majority of potential customers use the most popular search engines (Google, Yahoo and Bing) to find whatever they want. It's certainly not possible for all websites to show on the first pages of search results for the simple reason that thousands, if not millions, of websites match the search terms keyed in by users.


To have your website showing up on the first page consistently is the ultimate goal of SEO and there are currently thousands of SEO consultants pitching their services to website owners. SEO isn't rocket science but its intricacies boggle most of our minds and so we turn to SEO consultants. Unfortunately, some of these consultants take their clients for a ride. They collect fees yet don't add much value to their clients businesses. So, how do you know if your SEO consultant Florida is worth his keep?


Let's assume that the SEO consultant Florida has a website of his own. Does that website feature anywhere near the top when you key in search terms like 'SEO consultant' or 'SEO service provider' which are very relevant to his business? If the SEO consultant's website is nowhere to be found then you can safely conclude that he is doing a bad job optimizing it for the search engines. You consequently can't trust him to do a better job on your website.


How well informed is the SEO consultant Florida in terms of the trends and changes in the world of SEO? The SEO universe is in constant flux - things change rapidly in this business. A killer SEO technique will be obsolete before you know it. Each day, new things appear on the scene and no, their introduction will neither be trumpeted from the rooftops nor will it make it to the front pages of your dailies. The only way therefore to keep up is to have an ear on the ground at all times.


If an industry-relevant thing passes an SEO consultant Florida by, his/her effectiveness is somewhat diminished. You therefore need a consultant who is always on top of the game. He/she should keep tabs on the latest developments and change strategy at the same pace. It takes passion and commitment to stay on top of SEO and few consultants have this much energy. Your SEO consultant must demonstrate knowledge of the latest SEO trends and be conversant with all the SEO "accessories" available on the market such as Google's Webmaster tools, Yahoo Site Explorer, Google Ad Words, and many others. Your consultant must update you on each and every move the major search engines make. Google keeps updating its search algorithms, for instance, and such an event must never pass your consultant by.


In relation to the above issue on staying abreast of developments, you don't want an SEO consultant Florida stuck in antique SEO practices like keyword stuffing and link buying. Such practices are indeed antique because the rest of the SEO universe has long abandoned them and embraced more useful techniques such as populating websites with useful, smartly optimized content.


Last but not least, be wary of an SEO consultant Florida who promises to move mountains; truth is that he/she can't and won't do it. The ideal consultant will take stock of where you stand, devise a strategy, implement it faithfully, provide feedback, and make necessary changes along the way.


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