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Standard Poodle Puppies for Sale – Facts You Should Know

by ElizabethJ

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Poodle puppies are one of the smartest breed in the world. They are regarded as the national breed of France. However, they are actually originated in Germany. In Germany, it was used as a water retriever. The word Poodle comes from the German word ‘pudel’ which means “One who plays with water”.

Today, there are different poodle puppies for sale store, from where you can easily get the finest poodle puppy for your home. Among different types of Poodle puppies, the Standard Poodles are considered as the most popular among the people. They are the largest of the three recognized varieties and the oldest of the breed. Generally, the poodle puppies are considered as water dogs as they have remarkable ability of swimming.

Poodle puppies are the only breed that comes in three AKC registered varieties. Mainly these three types of recognized breeds are The Standard Poodle, Miniature Poodle, and Toy Poodles. Mainly the standard poodles are the mostly sold breeds all over the world. They measure over 15 inches and the tallest one. At the same time the miniature is 15 inches or under, however a minimum of 10 inches. The toy poodles measure less than 10 inches.

These breeds also come with variety of colors including white, black, apricot, and gray. They are exceptionally intelligent and they excel in obedience training. Another important aspect regarding these dog breed is that their intelligence and ability to learn makes them one of the most popular breeds in the world. The pet lovers who want to train their pets may like these pets very much as they are considered as the easiest breeds to train. The hypoallergenic coat of these dogs makes it favorite among their owners.

Although having long coat, they don’t shed so this is the reason they are loved by all. Because of these reason the children are also fond of these breeds. At the same time, they need regular grooming to make them sleek and contended. They are ideally very strong in nature and can adapt well in any living condition. This is the reason they make lovely and ideal pet for apartments. You should arrange proper exercise for this pet as they are very active in nature.

Poodle puppies have a very proud and distinctive nature. This is the reason the pet owners often use the word “Elegant” for this breed. They are generally shy in nature but can very sharp whenever necessary. They are normally reserved with the strangers and they can bark excessively unless they are trained at an early age.

Nowadays, the breeders mix Poodle breeds with Bichon Frise to make new breed: Bichon poo puppies. These bichon poo puppies for sale are also very popular among the people. They are easily available in the pet stores with standard vet certificate. Like the poodle and bichon frise puppies, the bichon poo puppies are also sensitive, lively, and elegant in nature. They bond closely with the family members and make an excellent companion for all.

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