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Ensuring Your Business' Compliance with the Law

by rubybadcoe

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As with the rest of the United States, identity theft is a growing problem in Los Angeles. It is estimated that one in every four persons falls victim to identity theft. The growing number of identity theft cases has prompted the Los Angeles police department to share tips on Identity Theft Prevention and Victim Information with members of the LA community.

While everyone must keep their personal data secure, businesses also have a legal obligation to protect employees' and customers' personal information under the Fair and Accurate Credit Transactions Act (FACTA). This law requires all employers and business owners not just to throw away documents that contain sensitive personal data, but to thoroughly destroy them before disposal. To ensure compliance with the FACTA law, it has become imperative to tap professional Los Angeles document shredding services, and ensure the job gets done correctly.

Luckily, businesses have several document shredding companies in Los Angeles to choose from. Some specialize in servicing small to medium businesses, while others have the right equipment and logistics to meet the needs of companies of any size. A few reliable Los Angeles document shredding companies also offer mobile shredding services that are not only more convenient but also more secure.

A mobile shredding service is preferable because it gives the business owner the assurance that documents are destroyed while still within the company's premises, and that none goes out in readable form. Moreover, FACTA laws require the entire disposable process to be documented. When performed within the company's facility, the documentation can be made simpler and more accurate.

FACTA regulations governing the destruction of personal data files are very stringent. If a case of identity theft stems from information that may have been leaked from improperly destroyed files, the company could be slapped with severe penalties. Thus, unless a business owner has all the time and the right equipment to destroy and dispose of sensitive documents himself, and is confident he can do it in the right manner, it is best to rely on the services of reputable document shredding companies.

If you wish to learn more about FACTA, you may go to this website: It also contains useful information about identity theft and other crimes against privacy. Business owners and employees alike need to be informed about the rules related to these security concerns.

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