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Nanny camera making the real life almost a reel life

by spygadgetonline

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They have been seen in movies. The hero (usually playing the character of a cop), tries to spread the trap in the enemy territory, to catch the thugs red handed. The secret agent disguising his identity, makes himself appear as a friend to the thugs. Then the protagonist takes out his tiny nanny camera and records everything happening around him. The rest of the lawful proceedings is well known by every viewer. Well, that's the common crime scene, that is popular in the reel life.

Well, the story does not end there. This is because, there are many manufacturers of spy gadgets, who have kept the vibe of the filmy life alive in the real life. Demographically, the segment that is most fascinated with that filmy aura of the secret agent is the youth. It is this youth fraternity, that loves to play the role of a spy in real life. Now with the advent of the progress in camera technology, manufacturers have come up with a newly improvised product called nanny camera. These tiny cameras are available in various forms in the market. These miniature devices are so useful, that they can be used for surveillance purposes also. Apart from serious use, a spy camera can also serve as a handy tool for scientific explorers and art aficionados. There are people who love to capture, whatever they witness around them. This sense of beauty and admiration is common in people, who are really passionate about art. A miniature camera can solve their purpose well.

Various types of spy gadgets:-

Spy pens:- A spy pen is camera that resembles a pen in terms of shape and style. The exterior part of this spy equipment looks like a pen. Whereas the interior part has a miniature camera, that is connected with electrical wires. A typical spy equipment has a transmitter attached to it, that enables it to forward the recorded videos, into devices such as DVRs and VCRs. Pen cameras can also be connected to PCs and laptops, in order to view the recorded images on a large screen.

Camera glasses:- Detective films feature a wise protagonist, who wears special glasses that contain a mini camera. The detective smartly records all the malicious events happening around him, through that glass camera and forwards them to his surveillance group. Who would have imagined that the same act will be possible in the real world as well. All credit goes to the highly progressive camera technology, that has minimized the gap between the reel and the real world. Manufacturers of spy gadgets have launched eye glass cameras, that has the capacity to record huge amount of image data. A good quality glass camera can record data up to 8 GB.

Cameras fitting to your outfit:- There are Hollywood movies that feature a suspicious boss, who always wants to rule his employees with his sword of supervision. Such a typical boss usually wears a tie that carries a spy camera. This mini hidden camera acts as a handy tool for that boss. For instance he may doubt someone in his office (owing to some weird or unusual behavior). So, a tiny camera can be real pal of that boss, that can aid him in secretly recording all the activities and gestures of such doubtful employees.

Owing to these innumerable benefits, such cameras are gaining huge scale acceptance among customers across diverse segments.For more information please visit on

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