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Tips to Design Home Page of Photographers Website

by pixpadesign

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Home page is the landing page of your website and actually the first thing that visitors see on your site. This is the point where your visitors will either be pursued to keep on the site or not. I know, every business tries all they can,in order to make sure that they keep traffic on their sites for long enough to initiate a purchase. So what exactly do you need to do to achieve your goal? Here are some of the greatest photography homepage design tips:

Connect With Your Client Immediately

The homepage being the landing page should achieve the goal of getting the visitors feel that they are on the right site. Branding, the overall look and style of the website is what achieves this goal. Remember to also choose carefully the right portraits to compliment your style. A proper use of branding and photographic style will help you immensely to attract the attention of online visitors to your site. This is the magic that works to bring those clients closer to you and maybe finally end up working with them.

Wording is also crucial in this part for both search engines and the target client. The right keywords and phrases should therefore be chosen carefully to capture the attention of the readers. But remember to make the sentences natural and flow easily. The selection of wording and colors will attract clients into looking further into your work and probably book with you!

Let Them Know They Can Trust You

Clients are usually inclined to book with legit photographers. Some people believe that online dealers are just out there disguised in what they cannot deliver. In the field of photography for instance, some people use other people’s images and pass them as their own! Have testimonials on your landing page to help clients understand that you are for real. Your past clients will drop their reviews concerning your work and through this you can easily win the trust of new clients. Photos of people writing the testimonials are also important to make what they are saying about you to be real and true.

Narrow Down Your Choice Of Images

In the context of your homepage, you do not need to show all your work but rather pick on your absolute best images. In trying to show clients what you can do, make sure you show them your best shots. This is a mind changing strategy that has worked a million times. Just select a few of the photos. In this case I really mean a few so that the clients will yearn for more prompting them to click into your website to find out more. In order to select the best photos, ask a friend or a family member to help you select them. Always show images of things you are comfortable having shots of.

Direct Your Clients
Many clients want a simple way to maneuver through your website. Telling them what is important and what to look at will make them happy but remember to always link them to critical content that you really want them to have a look at.

Your website navigation should be visible and easy to go about. Descriptive words for every section should be clearly written to offer the necessary guide into your website. A call to action section is quite crucial for clients to contact you in case of any queries or booking.

Use your homepage as the gateway to your website. Get it right here will result in more traffic to your site and soon achieving your online goals- getting more clients. 

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