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The Unique Floral Aroma of Ecuadorian Cocoa Products

by liyo89

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Entering the gourmet and specialty store we feel overwhelmed with so many different chocolates we can choose from: hearts, bars, single origin, milk, dark, and what not. But what makes a good chocolate “good”, or let’s say, unique? For once, if we search among the basic ingredients of chocolate, namely cocoa, we find that very few origins have the recognition of being a fine aromatic cocoa, and the Ecuadorian Arriba bean is one of them.

As many wrongly label it as a Criollo, Ecuadorian Arriba or National bean is actually a Forastero bean. It is grown in Ecuador, traditionally in small farms without pesticides or any chemicals as the soil is naturally impressively fertile, which is probably one of the reasons its flavor and aroma are so intense and enchanting. Some have even tried to describe it, comparing it to an exquisite fruity taste and the delicacy of a floral bouquet, that has fascinated chocolate lovers over centuries.

There are a wide range of cocoa products including cocoa butter, cocoa mass, cocoa powder, cocoa nibs and some additional options among these, that are used in a broad array of applications and food processes. With these cocoa products, you can make any food invention with that magical chocolate flavor that makes one feel as good as it tastes.

The Ecuadorian cacao nibs are perfectly dried cocoa beans made by separating them from their husks and breaking into smaller bits. They can be included in any dish or drink to add delicate chocolate flavor and crunchiness without adding sweetness. They contain high amounts of the antioxidants with a pleasant semi-bitter flavor. The cocoa nibs have enourmous health benefits also such as boosting energy, enhancing moods, controlling appetite, improving circulation, anti-aging effects, and more.

The Cocoa butter can be used in food industry as well as cosmetic products. It is available in two forms as natural and deodorized. White chocolate is made of Natural cocoa butter, as it retains the aroma and taste of cocoa. When there is no need to add aroma of natural cocoa butter and strong cocoa flavor in recipes, the deodorized cocoa butter can be used. In cosmetic industry, the cocoa butter is widely used in creams and balms to give softness, moisturize and nourish sensitive skin.

There are many online sources available such as, that offers a wide variety of Ecuadoriancocoa products online, including cocoa nibs, cocoa butter, cocoa powder, cocoa liquor, natural vanilla beans, edible nuts and seeds, chocolate couverture and a lot more. These importers have their own production sources in Latin America from where they obtain the ingredients and deliver the carefully selected cocoa varieties at reasonable prices to you. As their webstore is well categorized and user friendly, it makes it possible to obtain these wonderful cocoa options easily and pleasantly, only to give you even more joy when you experience the cocoa flavor itself.

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