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PHP Zend Framework - Whats Great About It?

by patwilkinson

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There are number of frameworks available like Cake PHP, Code igniter and Zend etc.

which are famous and out of which Zend has emerged shiny because of many reasons.

They are :

  1. It was created by Zend and supports all the latest features of PHP.

  2. It is very easy to use and able to produce SEO friendly URLs.

  3. It provides a wide variety of functionality.

Zend has many Features .They are as follows.

  1. Zend framework is loosely coupled. You can use either one or subset of components available to fulfill the functionality. You can decouple Zend as much as possible but never forget some components are related to others.

  2. Zend works on the principle of MVC architecture. MVC (Model, view and controller) architecture divides or isolates business logic from user interface .

  3. Zend can be use to write CLI Scripts.

  4. Zend has a superb support for those who need some guidance or help. Developers from zend always available to support online mailing list and also there are many forums available to provide zend support. For those who want to learn Zend framework there is lots of certification available and Free online books as well.

  5. Zend has a vast collection of components there is no doubt about it that it is going to be biggest library in near future.

  6. If you want to contribute in Zend framework development then you need to write a contributor license Agreement(CLA). Then a zend community will spend time studying your component before including it to Zend.

  7. Zend focuses on quality of the code and hence use best practices. Components of Zend are easily extendable and tested properly so as to avoid any issue with the websites in near future.

  8. Many of developer who are involved in website development are familiar with zend frame work hence many companies have standardized zend framework as a web application development tool.

  9. Zend is not a middle ware . rather it provides guidelines and tools to achieve certain functionality. Developers are free to see what and how they want to use in their web applications.

Zend added a lot of functionality in web application development comapny because it provides so many features to its users. The biggest disadvantage of using less famous framework is that you have limited support for help, if you stuck somewhere is the code there is no guarantee of when will you be getting solution or the solution you have is the correct one or not. You have a limited collection of plugins and components but Zend overcomes all these disadvantages and is emergins as one of the best frameworks today.


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