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Service Proz (Delivering Your Services)

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Service Proz (Servicing the servicing business)



Service Proz is an easy-to-use workforce management solution. With Service Proz, organization and efficiency are at your fingertips, giving your home service business features that help your business run smoothly. Here are some of the benefits of Service Proz:

  • Gain control over your service technicians. Allocate them work when and where your customers need you.
  • Increase customer satisfaction by communicating directly. Let your customers know what’s happening and manage their expectations.
  • Give your service technicians increased visibility of their workload and expectations with mobile access to scheduled jobs, customer information and time sheets.
  • Improve your business’s insight into job visibility and progress, customer alerts, and invoice tracking.
  • Reduce billing times by invoicing customers as soon as work is completed.
  • Reduce fuel costs through smarter technician routing and focus on the environment by reducing unwanted carbon emissions.
  • A secure, reliable, affordable and easy to use solution.


Why Service Proz?

Service Proz, the workforce management solution of the future, you’ve never heard of one, that’s designed, in the cloud, with one thing in mind – making your business better. Service Proz is a complete workforce management product covering all aspects of service delivery including: 

  • Customer Management: create service orders (jobs), know the customer’s exact requirements, read their history, communicate accurate information, and let them so their job’s progress via the customer portal. 
  • Billing: invoice accurately for the exact services required; create recurring invoices to never miss the next billing cycle; create invoices while still on the job expediting when the customer pays you.
  • Technician Management: manage technicians’ skills, inventory, and availability; create timesheets based on their known assignments; route them efficiently; and provide them with the latest mobile devices to receive job information and history automatically.
  • Scheduling and Dispatch: create the schedule using interactive techniques; only schedule technicians who meet the requirements of the job; provide customers with reliable appointments; commit to a service that you can deliver.
  • Mobility: communicate everything in real time, every time; new jobs, updated jobs, or cancelled jobs it makes no difference; tablet PCs, laptops, and smart phones are all supported; remove wasteful and inefficient manual working practices by communicating everything from the office to the field automatically.


How does it work?

If you are running a home service business, and if you want to improve the efficiency of your servicing organization or cut your operating costs or deliver the best possible service to your customers, that’s all to call for Service Proz that automates end-to-end service delivery using the latest technology in the office and out in the field.

It offers the following services for the following type of home businesses:

  • Alarm and Security
  • Appliance Repairing
  • Electricians
  • Fire and Water Restoration
  • Home Healthcare
  • HVAC
  • Inspection
  • Internet Service Providers
  • Cleaning Janitorial
  • Facility Management



Brad Sample, Owner, Pro Touch Landscapes

“Service Proz simplified the process of managing our business! Before using Service Proz, our biggest issue was keeping track of clients, appointments and employees. It is now very easy to do all of these things, and because of this, our revenues have increased, and our customers are happier.” 

Jason Johnson, Owner, All about Pressure Washing

“I see Service Proz as a 'pillar' of our business model.  I don’t think our business could survive without it.  Service Proz has elevated our customer service by providing the business with fast and accurate information when responding to a service request.  It also gives us the ability to quickly and accurately input and schedule new clients. One of the best features of Service Proz is the search feature with allows my employees to search past service call comments and pinpoint the exact solution to a problem. When it comes to billing a client, the technicians enjoy the speed and easy access to the mobile component. They can spend more time washing windows and less time on billing. Finally, the technical support we receive from the Service Proz staff is tremendous. They are always anxious us to offer real solutions or a work-around until the next software upgrade. Thank you Service Proz for a job done right." 

Jeff Huff, OwnerA Same Day Appliance Repair

“Service Proz has given me the necessary tools to keep my business organized and efficient.  With easy to use technician tracking, I am able to see where my technicians are at all times, ensuring my customers are receiving the best care.  The scheduling component allows me to easily adapt my daily schedule, allowing my company to keeps its two hour appointment window promise to my customers.  Service Proz is truly a solution my business cannot live without.”




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