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How to protect yourself from the ill-effects of an evil eye?

by TimelessJewelry

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Bad effects of an evil eye are not so uncommon. Since time immemorial, almost all cultures and religions have affirmed the potential losses associated with the evil eye. Great saints and prophets have also suggested the ways to ward off the ill effects of it. It’s believed that evil eye can destroy anything from financial fortunes to health and life. Even the animals are not immune from it. There are stories where animals died within minutes, when someone casted their evil eye upon them.  So, it’s natural that people are searching for the remedies to ward-off its ill effects. There are many ways prevalent to remove the ill effects of it in religions and sects including using the water for taking bath, which is already used by the person, who has casted the evil eye or passed an evil comment with a bad intent of destruction of jealousy.  

Other remedies include chanting some mantras from sacred scriptures. It’s prevalent in many Abrahamic religions such as Judaism, Christianity and Islam. In this, a person, often a senior person of the family or a spiritual person can chant those mantras/verses upon the affected person and blow the air on the body of the affected person with his mouth. In India people used red chilies and lime to remove these ill-effects.

They also chant these mantras or sacred verses on the water and sprinkle that water on the affected person, animal or property. These cultures believe that an evil eye is behind all their misfortunes. In all of Asia, the Middle East, and Africa, people use evil eye pendant and evil eye necklace to ward off its ill effects. Evil eye trinkets and evil eye necklace are quite common.

 Evil eye protectors are believed to be the products meant for protection from evil spirits. They absorb the negative energies and rays coming out of it and make it ineffective. Evil eye necklace contains an artificial eye made of stone, water, melted copper and certain other material. This amulet provides you a lot of confidence, as there are many cases where people have successfully rebounded to better health, better career and better finances after wearing these amulets. They were under the constant threat of evil eyes and these mystical solutions almost changed their lives. People also keep it in their houses, shops and business establishments to guard themselves and their property against the potent ill effects of evil forces of the universe.  

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