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An overview of network attached storage

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Information technology is producing large amount of data that is increasing along with the business requirements. Every organization is facing troubles in storing this large data in their devices. Servers are used to store entire organizational data. These are the basic devices that help IT companies to provide network connections under various domains and also offer storage space in shared folders to maintain the information.  Data contains critical details of the organizations regarding the requirements, financial, human resources and many more. Hence, every organization has to store the information securely in their organizational server. These traditional servers have the minimum capacity and cannot exceed that with big data.  

However, most of the IT companies have developed several storage devices to increase the capacity and potency. There are SAN (storage area network), NAS (network attached storage), Storwize, data travelers, and system X, tape drive, autoloader, tape library, storage media and many more.  All these devices can be used to maintain the large amount of information by connecting to the server. These devices provide storage support to the main servers.  It is necessary to use the network storage devices to protect the information whereas sharing and accessing it through net. These can also provide the multiple storage solutions to augment the business performance and growth.

NAS has a file system to maintain and store the data and it is important network device for all industries to share the crucial information to the application and web servers. The data can be accessed by the multiple users in organizational network connections. NAS device acts as a shared volume by providing configuration, software, hard disk storage, RAID systems across the network connections. It has similar features as SAN, but completely different from it.  SAN is most complicated device and more efficient in using different hardware’s and protocols than NAS.

IT organizations are developing different series in NAS devices with varied features and specifications such as N700, N600, N3240, N3200 and many more. All these are latest version with advanced features to endorse the server in data storage solutions. N700 is the most powerful, reliable and expandable storage device for data center applications. It is featured with Flexshare to provide first priority to the critical workloads. It augments the organizational performance to store and protect the information for critical applications. These days, many organizations are implementing these devices to enhance their storage space and capacity.

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