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The losing weight traps that 30 years old woman must know

by slimmingpills

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The question is how to recognize and avoid the traps that is easy to make you fat. If you are already 30 years old, as a mature young woman how to recognize and avoid the traps that is easiest to get fatter? Do you know the secret for the 30 year old women to go on a diet?
Trap 1, Giving birth will make you become fatter

During the pregnancy period, slightly increasing some weight is healthy, but at the same time we should avoid excessive weight increase.Of course, the expert will not recommend recipe to you, but the pregnant women after three months, the majority of women only need absorbs 300 excess calories is enough. With the child’s birth, many women will find it very difficult to lose excess weight. Exercise is the key to solve this problem, at the same time, it is also easy to eliminate exhaustion (exhaustion will easily lead to excessive dependence on convenient food) and emotions (emotional blog) the medicine of the fluctuation. If you keep exercises during the pregnancy period, you can keep good metabolism function and reduce food intake. This is very important to keep body.
Trap 2, The impulse of eating

A lot of nutrition experts believe that eating something in a strong appetite is better than eating a lot of food after suppressing your appetite. When you are hungry, you might as well eat several pieces of cookies or some cookies. In order to balance the diet, you can eat five or six meals instead of the traditional “three meals a day, this also is a kind of very good controlling method.
Trap 3, Eat the same meal with your husband

After the marriage, you will find that you have the same appetite and recipe with your husband. Men have the high figure and bigger exercises amount, so it is reasonable for them to eat more than women. In the common life, women must always be careful not to overeat. If you eat outside, you can have a cup of drink, super slim diet pills and a vegetarian dishes, do not order those too greasy dishes. When you are filling cooking rice into your bowls at home, you should make sure that the amount of yours is smaller than your husband’s. And do not have the second bowl as your husband. Of course, you can eat delicately, as long as you add some fresh vegetables when you are cooking.
Trap 4, Use time unreasonably

Compared with the success in the business, it is really easy to enhanced the emotion between family and friends, take care of their husbands and children or design a bigger size clothes. Who will have time to exercise and enjoy personal life? But the trouble is, if you absorb a certain quantity of calories but you do not take exercises to consume it, your weight will be increased. If you can only consume 100 calories in one day, you will increase 5 kg in a year.
Trap 5, avoid the dumbbell

If you only have 20 minutes of exercise time, you will choose to run fast, ride bike, lift legs or lift a dumbbell. Before there are experts to suggest using high strength movement to exercise the body, and think it can consume most calories. During the high intensity exercise period, it can say that. But, the better method of consuming calories every day is to do the muscle strength training regularly, this method has a very good came effect, in your rest time, heat consumption is still going on. Practice proves that stick to lift the dumbbell for 20 minutes three times a week can make your body to keep active metabolism.

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