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Use Sprint Booster To Improve Acceleration Considerably

by tdotperformance

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After the innovation of wheels, it has been an inseparable part of daily life of human that keeps them moving and adds speed to their daily jobs. Most of the person has a four wheeler in these days which helps in easy and quick transport to another city and overseas too. However, man is not one who stops to do something different and improve much more. Around the year of ’99 sprint booster is introduced to the world to improve acceleration of a car greatly.


Sprint booster is such a device which is attached to the accelerator pedal connector of a vehicle, it’s easy to set up which takes less than 5 minute, according to the automobile engineers without disturbing the electronic systems of the vehicle. It is easily installed into Engine Control Unit (ECU) of a car or vehicle and increases the horsepower by 10% and gains advancement in the fuel and torque.  This advanced automobile device claims that it can overcome the problems created by Electronic Control Throttle (ECT) system in certain circumstances like up-hill starts, overtaking etc. providing a outstanding acceleration to the vehicle.


The Sprint Booster amplifies the amplitude of the accelerator pedal signal.  Sprint booster plugs between the accelerator pedal and electronic control unit. This sprint booster makes the cars more sporty and alive. According to the users, before using this device they had to press the acceleration pedal half way down to get to 3-4k RPM but after installing the sprint booster they only have to press it ¼ down to get to the same point. This device makes the throttle smooth and responds 25% quicker than previous. But obviously the drivers should remember one more thing that they have to adjust their driving style according to the device. Overall, The Sprint Booster is a classic amplifier that advances the accelerator pedal sensor signal. This is beneficial in making the accelerator pedal more sensitive.


The sprint booster amplifier is quite a useful accessory for your vehicle and they come handy in different situations. However, to find the best of them, you require doing a thorough research. You can do your research online and can also order the product through the online stores. There are companies that specialize in car performance accessories and they deliver in many countries. You require checking out the details and requirement for your vehicle. You can contact the customer care if you want details about the product.


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